Monday, 22 December 2014

UKIP, a party for dim witted opportunists

This is how Alan Sked,UKIP's founder describes the party in a letter to the Telegraph headlined , "Enoch Powell backed the founder of Ukip, but not Nigel Farage". How true. UKIP was founded as a party of principle and is now dominated by the worst type of unprincipled ex-Tories eager to get on the EU gravy train.

I had not realised that in its original membership form it stated that UKIP would not send MEPs to Brussels. The lure of EU money was of course irrestible to Nigel Farage. This has emerged in Sked's letter concerning Enoch Powel's qualified support for UKIP's aims.

"Enoch Powell's support was over Europe. He backed my stance thal we should send no MEP.s to Brussels and accept no income from the European Parliament. As soon as I quit the party , and after Enoch's death, Mr Farage was happpy to become an MEP and take rnore than £2 million from the European Parliament in expenses. The clause in Ukip's membership form thal laid down boycotting the European Parliament as a principle was removed. The party is now a home for dim-witted opportunists.

Were he alive today, Enoch Powell would treat Nigel Farage and Ukip with contempt.

Professor Alan Sked"

I raised this issue at my first NEC meeting. I was shouted down by the EU money obsessed Farage cabal. I knew then UKIP was a morally lost cause. It is now ten times worse. As Sked says a party of of the dim and greedy and now mainly third rate ex-Tories.

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