Thursday, 1 January 2015

What does 2015 hold for UKIP

Well it started with the usual Farage cock up. Click below to read the Telegraph piece in today's paper.

Let us not forget these embarrassing UKIP candidates were selected using the Farage sycophancy system.Chris Pain was not and has been an outstanding and very successful UKIP district election candidate and organiser. That he has now been smeared by leaked UKIP NEC minutes will not surprise anyone who has served on the Farage cabal dominated NEC. Anyone Farage perceives as a rival must go. There is room only for talentless embarrassing sycophants.

So how many MP seats will UKIP win this May? I reckon 4 to 6 compared with the SNP's likely 40 or so. This likely result, 5 MPs will be spun as a great triumph fof Nigel but what if Nigel does not win a seat? UKIP will be forced to refom and ditch Farage. A great result for our country!


Niall Warry said...

First and foremost Happy New Year.

Second just how far up Salmond's bottom are you as most pundits put him possibly winning 20 seats but you reckon 40?

As to Nigel I can only see him getting one or two at best.

Eric Edmond said...

I have never been near AS's NF's or any other bum. I did not go to public school where it is part of the core curriculm.

Time will tell on the number of seats the SNP will win. It is safe to opine it will be 5 times as many as UKIP.

A Guid New Year to you and yours