Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bashir, Richardson & Nuttall, 3 electoral liabilities

And the biggest liability is Nuttall/Farage. What Richardson said about bigots was unwise but won't do any lasting damage. Bashir, another Farage Tory protege like Bannerman and Andreasen can be disowned, especially if the there is evidence of his Islamic extremist sympathies. But Nuttall has challenged the NHS a sure fire vote loser. Its a political No No to hint at privatising the NHS in any way. This will cost UKIP a million votes come May by the time LibLabCon have their say. As one of Andrew Neil's guests said UKIP is drowning in its own contradictions.

Lord Carlile made the most telling comment. UKIP have no one at any level who knows how government works. I do, but the Cabal got rid of me off the NEC 6 years ago so the idiots could flourish in their uninformed ignorance.

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