Saturday, 10 January 2015

Farage nails it on multi-culturism

Nigel Farage does us a great service by raising the issues crucial to preserving our way of life that the LibLabCon want to shut down as it is "too sensitive". He did an excellent interview with Jon Snow one of the leading.liberal bleeding hearts on C4 news about the French Islamic terrorist killings. Click on the link below to hear Farage's measured statement.

This common sense produced a predictable hysterical reaction from Tessa Jowell and Clegg but more surprisingly from Pickles. Click on link below to read these ravings

For a more informed and educated examination of this mass hysteria read Fraser Nelson by clicking on

This takes me back to the left wing protests of the late 1960s when any one who did not espouse rabidly left wing views were hounded out of University speaking engagements, a true reversal of what universities should stand for.

Farage in this area talks common sense, something that has always been anathema to our political elite. His problem is that his common sense does not extend to his choice of candidates where UKIP is now swamped by Johny come lately former Tories with indefensible far right views. UKIP is the worse for these people but could have been so much better for retaining decent people like Del Young and Martin Haslam who had common sense and balanced views and who had worked so hard over many years to make UKIP electable.

Finally look at Andrew Neil's courageous piece at the start of Thursday's This Week. It was a fine piece of editorial journalism. Please click below and watch it.

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