Wednesday, 7 January 2015

UKIP does not have to do anything to win seats

The sight of Cameron, Cleff and Milliband slagging each other off on TV and dancing on the head of a pin euphemistically called the middle ground is turning off the great British electorate big time. Ian Dale from Conservative Home observed there is only one winner in this fandango, Nigel Farage.

All UKIP have to do is select decent clean candidates but they are not doing that very well. These candidates don't have even to be that bright. I saw a pic today of my old BoEcolleague Matthew Hancock, PPE Oxford attending cabinet. Now Matthew is OK but he is no great mind. Daniel Hannan is and I suggest you click on the link below to read his demolition of the EU raison d'etre

I should add Farage was excellent in rebutting Jon Snow's Europhile inanities on C4 news last night. In summary we can do it better for ourselves than having the EU do it for us.

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