Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Our craven, sordid media

It has long been a British right to publish satirical cartoons about any person, dead or alive or any organisation. Premeditated murder has always been a capital crime in the UK without exceptions like crime pationelle that operates in many countries in Europe. It is sickening to see our media, led by the cowardly BBC refusing to publish copies of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons as they "Are offensive to Muslims". Many Muslim views are offensive to me but I do not reach for a gun and start shooting Muslims. French people died at Muslim hands that these cartoons be published.

We are on a slippery slope of appeasement as we were in the late 30s with the Nazis. They too held crazy views and were not susceptible to rational argument. Appeasing Muslim perceived offence or anger will simply lead to increasing demands as it did with the IRA as Blair testified to this week and as it did wih Hitler.

Suppression of information also happened in the UK in 1936 during the abdication crisis when the media and BBC did not publish what was freely printed in the USA and Europe. How craven was that?

The Australian PM put it thus, "If Muslims do not like our way of life they are perfectly free to leave." Unlike in some Muslim countries where a wife of a Muslim cannot leave the country without her husband's written permission irrespective of being a first, second, third or fourth wife.

The BBC journalists never tire of telling us how wonderful and brave they are. Its now time for them to show real guts and put their heads above the parapet and back up their pompous claims.


Sky have also joined the don't offend Muslims brigade. The French Journalist Caroline Fourest rightly accused our UK lick spittle of betraying French and other jornalists. Click below to see this disgraceful episode. It makes me ashamed of how low our country has sunk led by our hypocritical journalists.

Thats the power of editorial control, we only are allowed to see what our betters in the media want us to see. So much for freedom of information.

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