Thursday, 15 January 2015

Al Murray the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) candidate in South Thannet

This sounds like bad news for Nigel Farage. I like Murray's party's name and upside down pound sign logo in UKIP colours. He is much better educated than Farage, Bedford School, alma mater of Paddy Pantsdown and Al Cook England's cricket captain. Murray then went on to do a degree in Modern History at Teddy Hall, Oxford. That puts him, intellectually into the premier league unlike Pantsdown and Cook and miles ahead of NF. Farage's knowledge of history is populist, shallow  and patchy.

He even does the pub thing better than Farage so he will defintely split Farage's pub vote and is much better placed to reap the anti-politician vote given Farage has been on the EU payroll as a career politician for many years. As an entertaining inteligent cove well connected with the media he will get a huge amount of coverage from the Oxbridge  dominated TV/radio media. Thus On 1 January 2013 Murray was guest editor of Today on Radio 4. He has also made a setious TV documentary on German culture and written a funny book on pub culture.

In many ways his CV looks a bit like UKIP's O'Flynn and its all in the public domain and verifiable unlike NF whose claimed City career  is a bit obscure and not easy to verify. In short if you were on a candidate selection committee you might see Murray as a potentially better candidate than NF. Will the great Brirish public agree? Its not out of the question given Al's pals in the media. Pip pip.


Martin Key said...

But you must be bitterly disappointed because last year you ended every post with 'Vote Farage in Thanet'.... or is it new year, new change of mind from the 'Deadmond'?? Regards, Henry IX

Eric Edmond said...

No. Just a comment on Mr Murray.

Martin Key said...

... but do you want Farage to win or not???

Eric Edmond said...

I want the candidate who will best represent the interests of the people of Thanet. Pre Murray that was Farage in my view but now I am not so sure. Farage seems to have joined the establishment to try and secure his peerage. A worthless bauble in my opinion but Farage is obsessed with being a Lord more than he wants to get us out of the EU.That is a conflict of interest that Cameron will exploit.

Greg_L-W. said...


isn't it time Thanet had a Free UK Unionist Party or do we expect Nigel Farage to act as a FUKUP candidate without need to register another party.

clearly, according to the pollsters Ukip are heading for the biggest electoral disappointment in their history as 24% of Ukip supporters think their party leader Nigel Farage will be prime minister in May!

Hard to think which is funnies, that or the fact that 67% believe that Ukip will be in Government, according to the new ICM poll published in a report from the independent think-tank British Future.

This is the party/cult which in 22 years has never done well in domestic elections and still, after all this time, has absolutely no responsible, workable EU eXit and survival strategy as it jumps from band wagon to bandwagon seeking populism as a substitute for policies of any credible gravitas.

Ukip & their neo Communmistn also ran rivals will however destabilise British politics to everyone's disadvantage.

May you live in interesting times - though Ukip has done little or nothing to move us closer to the EU eXit door to date.