Saturday, 17 January 2015

Who is trying to spoil UKIP's election effort in Thanet?

Well a number of people are. First came Al Murray's Free United Kingdom party. FUKP but now I hear  Free the UK party and Independence from Europe party are putting up candidates against Farage. This has been deemed a 'spoiler' tactic by the Faragistas. The phrase hoist by their own petard springs to mind. What did they expect? They have done it to many others and now its their turn.

If you want to experience the full grief and righteous indignation only a true Farage sycophant can articulate click below:

Be warned there is currently 18 pages of codswallop there. Faragistas love the sound of their own voice every bit as much as the Islam apologists the BBC give so much air time to.

The Thanet declaration might take quite some time for the returning officer to read out on 8th May.

I hope it will be a hardfought contest with he who bullshits best winning.

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