Friday, 20 February 2015

Farage, UKIP's Tory mole

I learned in my early days in the civil service that to survive you had to be able to quickly see through people and discern their underlying real aims..Within two minutes of meeting Nigel Farage I knew he was a political phoney and closet Tory. I was not surprised then to read in today's Telegraph (and also last night on Guido) that Farage was bumming up Cameron's Tories to be the largest party  at Westminster post 7th May. Read what he says:

This is Farage at his slipperiest. Its a nudge, nudge, wink wink job to keep him well in with Cameron for a seat in the Lords post 7th May. That will give Farage the best of both worlds, shed loads of EU money plus a sinecure place in the Palace of Westminster and regular exposure on the EU loving BBC. Its so much better than being an MP which involves having to meet ordinary people called constituents.

I do not expect Farage to win Thanet. But its so much worse for UKIP. Even at the worst they are polling level with the LibDems yet the LibDems will win around 30 MPs and I would be surprised if UKIP manage 5 MPs. So why this disparity? Well the LibDems put in a huge effort on the ground, leafletting, doorstepping etc and are supported in this by their party hierarchy. I know my near neighbour Jane Ashdown will be out regularly on the knocker for the LibDems right up to 7th April. Where is Mrs Farage?

The LibDems also are highly motivated, united and have a great esprit de corps. Even being let down by Clegg over student fees,  Laws over expenses claims and Lord Rennard's female problem has not dented their spirit. They have a well run campaign machine. Also, I know of nobody at any level who has been kicked out or proscribed from joining their party. Huhne went through a criminal trial and resigned. Proscription and expulsion of decent honest members is  however de rigeur in UKIP organised by the man with no traceable past  and no diiscernable political talent, Steve Crowther.

So who is running and managing the UKIP campaign on the ground? Steve Crowther. Who is fronting up the UKIP campaign? Ex Tory Suzanne Evans. Who is running the LibDems campaign? Paddy Ashdown. Who supports and works for Paddy? Long term LibDem members. Who is working in the UKIP campaign in high profile roles?  Ex Tories all.

The acid test is to look at the organisation and collection of postal votes. Paddy's  Lib Dem machine will collect ten times as many votes as Crowther's non existent organisations. Kicking people out of UKIP that Nigel does not like not collecting votes is Mr Crowther's principal UKIP function.

UKIP has plenty of talented long standing members who can do a decent honest job but Farage has sidelined them to make way for his Johnny come lately Tory mercenaries with a strong sense of their own importance. They will fly back to Dave post 7th May.

I weep for the decent honest long suffering ordinary mambers of UKIP. For years they have been sold down the river by their leader just  as Roger Hollis and Philby betrayed British agents for 20 years. Farage and his Tory friend Cameron who is on record as an EU supporter are selling out our descendent's birthright to the Fourth Reich. Ask the Greeks!

Look where Farage's high profile 2009 MEP picks are now, Andreasen and Bannerman  after they had colllected the EU dosh and done great harm to UKIP. Andreasen joined the Tories and ex Tory Bannerman went back to the Tories professing his deepest admiration for Dave. But the person who enabled them to damage UKIP was Farage. Its started all over again with Bashir, another Farage MEP pick over the heads of the ordinary party members and on whom due diligence does not seem to have been done. Within 8 months he has gone back to the Tories.

Farage is UKIP's problem not its best asset.

The standard of UKIP's Tory defectors and Farage picks is shown by the recent comment by  Victoria Ayling, UKIPs PPC for Grimsby who asks,

'What happens when renewable energy runs out?'

Its typical of the stupidity of Farage sycophants. The media are having a field day with this silly woman. See

Is a great pity for the many decent candidates UKIP will field. This has gone viral and will of course damage UKIP hugely. What has Farage/Crowther done about this embarassing ex Tory woman? Err nothing I can find. She should stand down straight away to alllow a local candidate who at least may understand what renewable means.

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