Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dad's Army vs the EU

A nice take off of the TV series intro by a UKIP's  branch! Note the  frenzied  reaction quoted in the Mirror,

"A Ukip branch has been blasted for its “abhorrent” use of a swastika to compare the three main parties with the Nazis.
The image, which spoofs the opening credits of much-loved sitcom Dad’s Army, was posted by Newport branch of Ukip to its Facebook page on Wednesday evening.
Arrows marked as Labour, Tories and Lib Dems are pushing towards Britain from a swastika - one of the most notorious symbols adopted by the evil Nazis."

Plus the now usual PC reaction by UKIP and the political elite. (UKIP have now clearly joined that club as well.)

Responding to today’s Nazi post, a Ukip spokesman: "The posting on the Newport Facebook page maybe in bad taste.
“Illustrating anything by use of a swastika is so.

Grow up!. First its a joke and second the swastika is a symbol that goes back to 2000BC! It got hi-jacked by the Nazis but that happened to lots of old symbols.

Most importantly its clear that the swastika refers to the the EU which is looking increasingly like the Fourth Reich with Fuerher Merkel in charge. Ask Mr Putin! Remember the Russians lost 40 million killed in the 1941 to 1945 German visit, about 7 times the number of Jews murdered in the camps! Understand that before you criticise Putin.


L fairfax said...

How many of the 40 million Russians who died in 41-45 were killed by their own government deporting them to others parts of the USSR.
Of course a lot of German soldiers would have died invading Finland if the USSR had not made the Fins friendly to the Nazis.

Eric Edmond said...

They obviously did not deport that many as their war effort was sufficient to win and free Auschwitz.

Stalin certainly had all the Ukrainians sent back after the war by Churchill shot on the quay side

L fairfax said...

That is not really answering the question, is it.
Stalin was equally guilty as Hitler in the second world war. Sadly we didn't have the force to liberate Eastern Europe from Stalin as well as Western Europe from Hitler.

In Estonia they called the statue of a red army soldier the unknown rapist.

Eric Edmond said...

All I know is it was the Red Army that defeated Hitler in 1945, not the Yanks, not us and certainly not the French.

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