Monday, 23 February 2015

UKIP Thanet South

I have just watched the UKIP Thanet South party showing how politically naive they are.

Their so called PR person, Liz Langton, arranged for her and her hubby to be videoed against the background of their collection of clowns.

Was she oblivious to the message that sends out? The BBC want to show them and UKIP as a party of clowns and she duely obliged.

Visiting UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson was taped referring to a Thai supporter as “a ting tong from somewhere”, well that's par for the course for Nigel's hand picked MEPs!

Then there was the UKIP District Councillor, Rozanne Duncan below who is now ex UKIP as a result of her on TV confession that she had a problem with negroes.

Click below to watch this PR disaster

Let us not forget Thanet UKIP  Party Chairman and former member of the National Front Martin Heale

He is a long time Farage associate which is I presume why he is still allowed in UKIP. He has run failed election campaigns before so is well qualified for UKIP.

I know a number of honest decent people kicked out, or  proscribed from UKIP on the grounds of false smears of membership of the NF, BNP or even the clearly non-racist UK First but if the cult leader smiles on you then you are untouchable. Its a bit like Wolf Hall without the good looking women.

It was touching to see the naive ordinary members describing UKIP's tolerance of non Farage views and its democracy. They have obviously never met or worked with Nigel Farage. Fair hearings just don't happen in UKIP, stich ups are preferred.

I had a visit last summer from Godders pal Michael Crick complete with camera crew to interview me about UKIP's doings. That was followed up by a number of phone calls fromm BBC journo Connor Spackman to support their Paronama programme. Their agenda was quite clear, they wanted me to give them a racist quote. They were both sadly disappointed.

Yet its me and Del Young who are vilified by the anonymous smear brigade as UKIP traitors! Complete lies! Del and me were never caught by the media 's attempts to smear UKIP as racist but there are Farage annointed MEPs and District Councillors who have fallen too easily into the media traps. Del and I are both of course now UKIP proscribed people for getting it right.

PS This is what the BBC love. I am grateful for the critique

Rod Liddle on the 3 muslim brats that ran off to join the IS death & murder cult, he aint buying into the whole BBC stooge/media portrayal of the girls being poor innocent victims at all:
"Are you terribly worried about those three London ‘schoolgirls’ who have gone off to fight for the Islamic State in Syria? I must admit I haven’t lost an awful lot of sleep over it. The BBC ran the story at interminable length on Sunday night, the implication seeming to be that we should strain every sinew to get the poor mites back home to their loving and undoubtedly well-integrated community. I don’t think they should be allowed back in any way, as it happens. And by and large, the more similarly disposed Muslims who feel an attraction to Isis actually go to Syria, the better, frankly. Or is this callous and unfeeling of
Without a shred of evidence to support their case the BBC/stooge media is claiming that everyone except the security services is wholly innocent of everything, only the security services are to blame for everything. The grovelling and crawling from the BBC/stooge media is puke inducing, its like a fanatical reaction to protect muslims from their own culpability for anything they choose to do.
Being muslim in the UK is now a responsibility free zone where they can do whatever they please and they are not only not held accountable but actively protected by the stooge media and cartel establishment.

Just to show balance I can't resist this on TV today from Edinburgh's leading Jew, Malcolm Rikind educated at George Watson's

Sir Malcolm Rifkind:
“I want to have a standard of living that my professional background would normally entitle me to have.”

To see the full confession click on link below

Perhaps time to get out of ‘public service’ then, Sir Malcolm…

 I fear even this will not stop him entering the HoL to join the many other Jews and Muslims already there.

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