Sunday, 15 February 2015

Meddlesome idiotic Bishops

Rather than trying to get a few more people into church and preaching the Christian message the CoE bishops, many with seats in the House of Lords are urging membership of the EU as essential for our countries well being. Priests meddling in politics is as old as the hills and always has a bad ending.

This at a time when the Islamic mosques are full and many Muslim terrorist have been recruited by radical Imans. Let us have no nonsense about moderate Islam. The Prime Minister of Turkey, a potential EU accession state said this week moderate Islam does not exist, there is only Islam. You can't say it plainer than that.

Yet the House of Bishops has been recently preoccupied with getting women bishops appointed. I would have said the Church of England has plenty of old women bishops already. Its a bit like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And what about the supreme governor of the Church of England, Betty von Battenberg? Well she says nothing whilst Lambeth Palace  rivals the BBC for political correctness.

Worse the Lambeth Palace resident, the incredibly reverend Justin Oil Well writes to Dresden apologising for the nasty RAF bombing their city in 1945 supported of course by our revered national broadcaster the BBC. The archbishop should take a trip to Plymouth Ho where the Bomber Command memorial to the 56000 young men of Bomber command  who died during the war is sited as far away from London as possible so as not to offend our sordid politicians like Winston Churchill who ordered these raids and refused for many year to decorate Bomber Harris for political expediency. No bombers ever flew from Plymouth.

Did these 56000 young men average age 24 die so that silly old men like Justin Oilwell could get dolled up in purple dresses and disown their sacrifice and suck up to the Germans? My Bank of England bridge partner, Dennis Wooley, ended up as lead navigator for the Lancaster pathfinder  squadron. He flew 76 missions over occupied Europe until he was withdrawn to train others. His old crew perished on the next mission.

Dennis, 24 at the time, said he was acutely aware of his awful responsibilities not for the Germans but for his fellow RAF crews who would die that night for nothing if he marked the target wrongly. Losses were huge probably around 7% on average.  If our  Archbishop had had to bear that responsibilty at 24 he might understand Christianity better than he does.


David Abbott said...

Brilliant piece!

Bishops like to play lefty politics. Some of them don't believe the gospel so are they not interested in saving souls and politics gives them something keep them occupied.

No doubt i'm sure frau M is planning an apology for the blitz.

Edward Spalton said...

In dealings with Church of England clergy in general and with the occasional bishop, I have found one useful rule.
The more informal and folksy their manner,,the more authoritarian and PCI they really are.

One giveaway is the use of the a diminutive form of Christian name " Bishop Bill " " Bishop Tom " and so on.
I see that the recently consecrated lady bishop is " Bishop Libby" .

The key to the conversion of the Church of England into the right-on, PC Church of Europe and environmentalism was the replacement of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer which was profoundly scriptural and unashamedly national ( even having forms of prayer for use at sea) with trashy, happy flappy " all you need is love" sort of rites.

Eric Edmond said...

I also wish yhey had kept the Authorized Version of the Bible. Its poetry and thats what sticks in your mind. To paraphrase John Knox, may the Lord protect us from trendy bishops.

In Knox's time Charly I tried to force Bishops on to the chrch of Scotland so he could control it. He said to the Scots, "No Bishops, no King". The Scots replied that was fine by them.

Edward Spalton said...

They have also ruined many well-known hymns. My least favourite modernisation was of "Eternal Father strong to save"
"O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in peril on the sea"


"O hear us when we cry to you
For those who sail the ocean blue"

- says it all really!

There is a very powerful, short service called the Litany (about 15 minutes long) which fell out of regular use but was often used at times of national emergency, containing phrases such as

"From lightning and tempest; from plague, pestilence and famine; from *battle murder, and from sudden death

A retired vicar, a dear good man, told me he always added mentally

"From potty parsons, batty bishops and silly synods GOOD LORD DELIVER US"

* I believe that the mention of battle etc is due to the Scots who, unusually, were having some success with their incursions at the time the service was written - the first appointed by authority to be read in the English language. This was about as rare as their doing well at foot ball and so thought to be a mark of extreme divine displeasure, hence the need for a special service!

Eric Edmond said...

When my wife took up her post at the YDH that day they consecrated a new bishop of Durham, the one who did not believe in God. We had a splendid view of divine wrath that night as the good Lord sent fire to punish the treandy bishop.

Henry IX said...

"Betty von Battenburg" - about as funny as herpes!!

Eric Edmond said...

Glad to see Matthew Lynn supports my views in this matter.

I prefer thr print version headline,

"Who will rid us of thes troblesome priests?"