Saturday, 14 February 2015

Ukraine, the EU and Putin

As a child in Edinburgh I new a number of exiled Ukrainians who worked on the East Lothian farms. They made excellent vodka from the rotting pig swill potatatoes and then sang the Volga boat song.They had fought with the Germans during WWII against Stalin's Russia and could never return home. Some were sent back by that founder of human rights W Churchill and Stalin arranged to have them shot on the quay side at Odessa.

That is the backdrop to Putin's response to Merkel's Fourth Reich EU and why Putin will never trust the Prussian Merkel or the Kiev Ukranians. Its a pity our political class cannot be bothered to read their history. Thet would also learn their that it was the Red Army that defeated Hitler, not the Brits or the Yanks and liberated Auschwitz and many of the other camps. The Russians lost 40 million people  which puts the Jewish losses into perspective. We don't hear much of that from the Jewish dominated BBC but I was pleased to hear one of our MPs last week pointing out the scale of Russian losses in WWII or the Great Patriotic war as the Russians called it.

Thus Putin whom like Farage I admire in some ways will never tolerate a German Empire on his borders. When Gorbachev agreed to the reunification of Germany it was on a clear verbal pledge from the Yanks that NATO would not extend further East. The Yanks broke that pledge as it was not in writing. You can scarcely blame Putin for his subsequent actions.

Don't mess with Russia is the lesson of history.The EU of course never learns. The danger is that we will be dragged into another European war by our idiotic Europhhiles whils the EU crats sit safe in their Brussels bunker.


Edward Spalton said...

I can't help thinking that, if the BBC were Jewish dominated, it's reporting of Israel would be far more sympathetic. It generally seems much more sympathetically inclined to Islam in a PC/multi culti sort of way. I am not Jewish nor an unthinking pro Israel enthusiast.

Eric Edmond said...

It was my cousin now deceased who told me in 1966 when he got a job at the BBC he was staggered at the large number of Jews working there. He had been at RADA and was a thespian an area with many Jewish producers etc so he was like me not anti Jew.

I agree the BBC is like the FO a camel corps in many parts.

I would like to see a breakdown of BBC journalistic and creative staff numbers by religion and ethnicity.

Henry IX said...

Even by Deadmond standards this post is staggering.... is the BCC Jewish dominated or is it now a a Camel Corps??? Make up your mind and try and stuck to it for more than 5 mins!

L fairfax said...

@"Thet would also learn their that it was the Red Army that defeated Hitler"
They also helped Hitler for 2 years. Of course they only "helped" us because they invaded Finland and lost so many soldiers that Hitler thought that they would be a push over.
(Of course they didn't help the Poles when they had the Warsaw uprising).
Being greatful to the Russians is like being greatful if two men attack you and then they start fighting among themselves.