Thursday, 12 February 2015

Farage makes a good UKIP campaign launch in Canvey Island

I was very impresed with Farage's launch of the UKIP General Election campaign today. The part which really resonated with me was his statements that LibLabCon had lost faith  in our country. That is exactly what happened with Heath in 1971/2 at the height of trade union power which eventually broke him. Heath and Wilson abdicated their responsibilities to the British people then and handed the runnning of our country over to Brussels. We were cravenly betrayed by our political class and this has continued since 1972 to date.

The BBC's sneering comment was that his speech was long on rhetoric and short on policy. I can remember another political leader, Tony Blair who before the 1997 election gave the most policy lite speches I have ever heard but won a massive victory. Its rhetoric that wins elections and Farage is excellent at it.

The lack of attention to detail is still UKIP's weakness. In the following Q&A session with the journos many of the questions were inaudible. Its not a difficult thing to get right! Farage got let off by the useless journo who asked what his attitude to tax avoidance schemes were without asking about Nigel's family trust in th Isle of Man which of course has a large tax avoidance industry.

I noticed Farage quickly wrestled the microphone back ftrom Suzzane talking about the NHS and government funding. She is just not up to it. Put in Carswell or Reckless.


Niall Warry said...

You appear to want you cake and eat it!

How can you applaud Nigel's rhetoric and say that alone can win elections but also say he must improve on his detail??

Also if he is doing so well how come is poll rating is stuck at around 14%??

Eric Edmond said...

It was a good performance hitting the right buttons.

Niall Warry said...

And this good performance achieved WHAT exactly?????

Eric Edmond said...

It might get a few more MP seats for UKIP and more important a few less for LibLabCon

Niall Warry said...

Keep taking the pills Eric as your analysis of UKIP is flawed.

They have just lost a council seat in Harlow to Labour and I doubt they will get any MPs in May.

Eric Edmond said...

You may be right but Farage was saying the right things. UKIP's problems are not what Farage says but the people he chooses for improtant roles eg La Evans.

Sorry to dis appoint you but I am not, and never have been on any meds.