Monday, 9 February 2015

Farage's City career claims exposed

Farage often claims to have given up a lot of salary/bonus money to serve UKIP for the pittance he receives from the EU, roughly £1 million per 5 year MEP stint plus of course very generous expenses. As I had worked in the City in the Bank of England I was often asked if I knew what Farage had done there. As our time there did not overlap I said no but I did ask around of my contacts whom I thought might know and no one of his vintage owned up to ever having known NF.

The FT now seems to have picked up on this possible gap in the Farage account of his City past click

 to read what the FT had to say. It seems Farage had a very modest City career which was much less lucrative than he claims. One of the FT quotes supports my view that he has made far more money out of the EU than he ever made in the City.

Ho hum but Farage at least has a modest if traceable previous career. I am more worried about Crowther who seems to be a man with no verifiable past that I can find to support his claims of a previous London career.

Godfrey Bloom recently called for Crowther's resignation as the man responsble for the forcing recent UKIP defector Bashir on the Yorkshire region against the wishes of the locals click below to read ,

Bashir we now know is a man with a politically varied past and is Nigel's first defector in this latest MEP cycle. I previously opined after June 2014 that we would not have to wait too long for the first UKIP MEP defector but even I am surprised it took so little time to occur. The problem is that like appoints like, Farage appoints Crowther, Crowther appoints Bashir etc. It seems the the last thing UKIP wants is independent characters with integrity, intelligence and a verifiable decent past history. The voters willl soon pass judgement on UKIP's MP candidates. It will not be good. What will happen if Farage loses in Thannet?

Who will be the next UKIP MEP to defect? Answers by email to N Farage, EU parliament, Brussels.

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