Sunday, 8 February 2015

How UKIP is crippling our chances of leaving the EU

Allister Heath in Thursday's Telegraph has written an excellent piece headlined, "Europe could be torn apart by the wrong sort of Eurosceptics". Click on to read this thoughtful polemic.

Heath's concerns are the statist anti -business culture of the European Eurosceptic parties like the Front National in France, Podemos in Spain etc with roots either in Fascism or Trotskyism. Heath hankers after a Singapore not a Cuba. He concludes that on the UK political scene either Labour will win and propped up by the Scot Nats will never give us a referendum or Cameron will win and present us with some superficial reforms to the EU in a fixed referendum and that is the only EU referendum I will ever get to vote in.

That leaves those of us who want to leave the EU with a big problem. Our cause has been hijacked by the mercenaries who now run UKIP. Having their own little party serves them very well. It gives them access to EU cash, the media, TV appearances and eventually the red leather benches. They will end up as much part of the political establishment as the loathed LibLabCon. UKIP thus cannot be trusted with, nor are they smart enough, to lead the out campaign in Dave's sham referendum if it ever happens.

Our cause can only triumph with a committed collegiate inclusive approach. We need a group including representatives of  business, science, law, the arts, the military with a chairman but no leader and few politicians. Patriots whom the British people can believe in a bit like the Levelers .

The Levellers were a group of radicals who during the years of theEnglish Civil War challenged the control of Parliament. Between July and November 1647, the Levellers put forward plans that would have truly democratised England and Wales but would also have threatened the supremacy of Parliament. For this reason, the Levellers never gained the amount of support in the right places that they needed to succeed.

Cromwell had some of them shot but they came close to succeeding as did the Chartists in the 1840s. Again I quote from a web summary of the Chartists aims.

 Every man over 21 to have the right to vote
A secret ballot to be introduced
A MP did not have to own property of a certain value or above to become a MP
All MP's to be paid to allow working men to serve in Parliament
All  constituencies to be equal in terms of population size
Elections to Parliament to be held every year so that MP's would have to answer to their voters if they had not  performed well.

All were rejected at the time but all except the last are now part of our electoral law. Funny that, but of course the last demand would have ended the power of MPs and that could never be allowed by the politcal elite then and now. We are still the slaves of our political elite who therefore have no incentive to change the system The Yanks came closest to Chatrist ideals with a two year election cycle for Congress but it needed an armed revolution to do it. 

Our political elite fearing for their own skins in a possible Communist revolution in the 1920s disarmed the UK population. As chairman Mao said political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.  The IRA succeeded.because they were armed by the USA. Alas we have no deal with our politcal elite.and no allies to arm us. The last British PM to be assassinated was Spencer Percival in 1812. Up to date the US has had 5 presidents assassinated. It does not seem to have damaged their democracy in fact it is stronger now than ever. Perhaps if someone had asassinated Edward Heath in 1971 the UK would still be a strong independent country. 

The freedom of the people to remove democratic tyrants of the political elite by assassination should not be infringed! 
As a poor second best we must follow in the noble peaceful tradition of the Levellers and the Chartists but remember how the political  elite suppressed the peaceful protest at Peterloo, Manchester in 1819 when armed calvalry charged the unarmed crowd killing 15 people. In modern times the same seems to have happpened in Londonderry in 1972 when the Para shot dead 13 protesters although many still believe there were gunmen mixing with the crowd.

The political elite have always been prepared to deploy armed force against the unarmed populace to save their own skins so we must not weep too many tears over political casualities.

Armed protest works. That is what terrifies the political elite.  When the IRA targetted the Tory political elite in Brighton in 1984, Airey Neave in 1979 in the Palace of Westminster car park and Ian Gow at his house in 1990. it forced the British Establishment to capitulate. I hate violence but I do understand the burning sense of injustice the British political elite has created over many years and in many countries. Many innocent people and young British soldiers, over 400 in Afghanistan,  have died for UK politicians pride and incompetence. Surely the political elite must be prepared to accept their share of this slaughter they have inflicted on others.

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