Friday, 6 February 2015

Question Time truths

I seldom watch Question Time  as most of the panellists are not worth listening  to but last night I watched to hear what George Galloway had to say. It was filmed in Finchley an area very poupolar with Jews. The BBC as is their habit packed the audience wiith shouting excitable Jews to try and goad Galloway into some anti-semitic comment. This tactic failed abysmally. Galloway was far too smart for the  Jews who abused him.. Did the BBC think a man who trounced the US congressmen in their own back yard on the Iraq war would be caught out by a shouting Jewish mob? As Galloway said he is an elected UK MP and he would not be shouted down

The question on the recent increase in attacks on Jews and their property the UK was little short of a personal attack on Galloway. It was dreadful that the Jew on the panel, Freedland, also weighed in with a personal attack on Galloway. Talk about playing the man not the ball! Not be out done Hunt also atacked Cristina Odone's early Catholic education. A nasty man attacking a decent woman. Click below to watch this disgusting spectacle

I looked up these panelist's schools & Universities

Odone, St Clares Oxford, Private & Oxford
Hunt, University College School London, Private & Cambridge
Morgan , Surbiton High School, Private & Oxford
Freedland, University College School London, Private & Oxford
Galloway, Harris Academy State and non-denominational, no university listed

And lets not forget D Dimblebore, Charterhouse Private, Oxford including the Bullingdon club like BoJo, Cam & Osborne

Three  members, Dimblebore, Morgan & Freedland did the same course, PPE at Oxford

An incredible example of  the lack of social mobility in the UK yet these privately educated Oxbridge types all felt able to pontificate on state schools which ordinary kids go to. Galloway comes from a working class background but does know how to behave in debate unlike Morgan, Freedland and Hunt sticking to the subject.

Bad manners and arrogance seem to be well taught at Public school and Oxbridge.

PS today the Daily Telegraph run a piece on Nungate Hunt and White Van Thornberry entitled  vanity and snobbery are destroying the Labour party. How very true. Galloway is authentic Labour, Hunt & Thornberry simple use the poor to become MPs:


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this is satire...

Eric Edmond said...

Nope its QT truth