Thursday, 5 February 2015

UKIP running scared of George Gallloway MP

Suzanne Evans, she of the fixed inane grin, has pulled out of today's Question Time pleading ill health. Perhaps the real reason is one of the other panellists is Gorgeous George Galloway, leader of the pro Islamic Respect party and many times elected an MP. George is a formidable well informed debater and one of the only three reasons for watching QT with its hand picked BBC  audience of juveniles and ethnics which is very unrepresentative of the UK electorate in any area it broadcasts from. The only other reasons to watch QT are David Starkey and Peter Hitchens.

The panel is invariably packed with an unedifying mixture of juveniles, party hacks, wiimin, ethnics and media types who all love the sound of their own voices and know very little about the subjects they pontificate on which is why I only ever watch it when one of the three amigos I name appear plus possibly Melanie Phillips. All three  know what they are talking about and do not regurgitate the politically correct claptrap which lead to the unchecked massive abuse of young girls in Rotherham by Pakistani origin men. The truth that even the politically correct BBC has now been forced to acknowledge.

UKIP are reported as offering Stephen Woolfe as a replacement. Clearly Galloway would have eaten La Evans alive but the BBC knowing Woolfe's Jewish ancestry and pro Israel sympathies would lend itself to a likely ferocious demolition by Galloway excused themselves by saying they wanted a woman replacement. Now UKIP has seven of women MEPs so why were none of them nominated to fill the slot? The sad truth is they are just not good enough to take on George or anybody else in a serious denate. My personal preference would to have been to seen the politically useless Jill Seymour shredded by George so the great British Public could see what underlies Farage's UKIP cult.

If the leaders pre General Election debate is ever screened Galloway has to be included. Farage will I hope also be there. My money is on George to shred Farage showing the electorate NF's political limitations.

Currently the broadcasters are trying to exclude Galloway. I hope they don't succed in this deeply undemocratic move and Respect are clearly prepared for legal action if excluded. Galloway of course was smart enough  to ckeck up on UKIP's latest embarrasment Bashir when he tried to join Respect which puts him ahead of our current PM in the political nous stakes.

If the BBC want a woman and a lively debate they could do worse than Melanie Phillips, a Jewess and Israel supporter but like UKIP they are afraid of Galloway.

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Anonymous said...

How can anyone like Galloway? He crawled to Saddam Hussain. If we didn't have loads of Muslims in this country he would have as much chance of being elected as a Nazi would in Israel.