Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Australian immigration rules are strictly enforced and supported by their leaders

Today Farage made a big speech on immigration clling for us to adopt Australian immigration rules in the UK. I agree we should but its not just Oz rules we need its their political leaders honesty and support of robust enforcement of their very sensible rules. let us start by listening to Farage,

Now read Julia Gillard's speech on Muslim immigrants in Oz

Gillard is herself an immigrant from Wales who created quite a stir when she marrried her hairdresser.

Here is an alternative report on her views

Note how she explicitly mentiond the perfect right of Oz security to monitor the activities of these immigrants when they are perceived as a threat to the Oz way of life.

Another Oz PM, John Howard, has similar views trenchantly expressed below,

I visited Australia  5 years ago when Gillard made that speech. Oz is in many ways similar to the UK I grew up in during the 1950s. Their border controls are very tight, in and out, and rigorously enforced. They welcome immigrants who are prepared to sign up to the Australian way of life. They invite Muslims who want to  live under Sharia Law to go back where they came from with the phrase, "We did not ask you to come and you are always free to leave to go to your Islamic paradise". In many Muslim countries a woman needs the written permisssion of her husband to leave the country!

The latest Oz PM Rudd makes it clear its Muslim Terrorists they are targetting. This has met with the usual Muslim response of a witchunt but the Aussies are not as soft as we are and they are  not giving any credance to these Terrorist apologists as our C4 does incessently.

So Mr Farage changing the rules is fine but its enforcing the rules thats difficult. Let us hear what Farage has to say on that..


The Double Event said...

Hello Dr Eric, a small point of correction first - the current Aus PM is Abbott, not Rudd, although with all the shifts and turns of Aussie politics it's not hard to get everyone mixed up (Rudd was deposed as Labour leader/PM by Gillard, then Gillard was deposed as Labour leader/PM by Rudd, then one month later Rudd lost the election to Abbott's Liberals, and now there is speculation suggesting the Liberals are just as much like ferrets in a sack as Labour were, and that Abbott may get the push as Liberal leader/PM in yet another internal coup. It all makes UKIP in-fighting look like a Quaker meeting....)

Sorry for digressing. More importantly, Farage's big announcement on immigration policy has led to the following less than positive reporting in the Telegraph. "Is Farage Just Like All The Others" probably isn't the headline he was hoping for, but yet again the walking tactical catastrophe that is the soon to be ex-UKIP leader has had the predictable effect.

Eric Edmond said...

Thx for this correction DE. I feel all the Oz politicians agree on the immigration thing for the good of the country unlike in the UK where they are all playing party politics with the issue. That's what you get with ourr PPE dominated political careerist elite.

Farage should stick to loose women.

david Abbott said...

And Tony Abbott was born in England.

Unknown said...
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David in Rome said...


Ukip policy on immigration is completely nonsensical.

Richard North points to many of the issues but so do Migration Watch, that describes a Point based System as "thoroughly unsuitable for the UK" and "whose purpose is to promote immigration, not to limit it".

We have a PBS in he UK already - based on the Australian model - implemented by Labour in 2008 for Non-EU citizens.

In the last year it has shown an increase of 20% in Net Immigration for non-EU citizens, yet Farage would have us believe that it would magically have reduced immigration across the board by 90% taking it from 300,000 to 27,000...

He's making it up of course, it's just more Ukip Fantasy Politics, showing just how amateur they are in this their key area of "policy".