Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Whose side is Farage on? What has happened with Diane James?

Its a funny way to run a campaign. First Farage declares on national TV that he does not have what it takes to be PM. That's great ammo for the Tories. Why vote for a party UKIP whose leader confesses he is not up to being PM? If he really believes that he should step aside and let those who can, like Carswell, lead the party. Farage is promoting the UKIP loony fruit cake image which the media  laps  up. He does not want UKIP to be a serious political party. That creates unremunerated hard work for Farage.He wants the celebrity but not the hard graft of politics. Celebrity without work or responsbility is his credo.

Then there is the strange case of the missing manifesto with Suzanne Evans traduced on national TV by Farage for getting it wrong. This is the treatment meted out to all UKIP spokesmen when Farage cannot explain UKIP policy. Farage would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.

And what is going on with Diane James who almost won in Eastleigh just over a year ago? She surely should have been selected as UKIP PPC for Eastleigh. But no, she was "selected" for North West Hampshire, Andover to you and me George Young's old seat, one of the safest Tory seats in the country with a Tory majority over 19,000. Perhaps Mrs James was pushed into this unwinnable seat and rightly has decided to jump. Her decision to resign as UKIP PPC for family reasons smacks of excuse rather than reason. I do not blame her. UKIP will be the loser but that is the last of Farage's concerns.

What on earth was going on with Farage's denial on National TV that he had health problems? That simply adds more grist to the Tory mill and moves Nigel up to top of the list for a seat on red leather post 7th May.

Things cannot go on like this Carswell, Reckless or O'Flynn must step in as leader. Farage's loyalty and interest lie with his lucrative, EU funded  pan European party and TV appearances. Some day the UKIP faithful may realise this. They currently have a leader who admits he is not up to being PM and has possible health problems otherwise why did he bring up the subject of his health?

Its not a campaign its a shambles.

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