Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Excellent UKIP election poster

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These are points that need hammering home. Pity about the Farage pic, it detracts from the clarity of the message. The back up points on the UKIP web site are also good.

  • 60% of people believe we should hold an immediate referendum on whether or not the UK should be a member of the European Union
  • 72% of people believe we should introduce a new system of control for immigration using an equivalent of the Australian points-based system
  • 81% of people believe we should commit an additional £3billion of annual spending on the NHS in England and Wales 
  • 70% of people believe we should cut the amount spent by the Government on overseas aid
  • 74% of people believe we should ensure people on the national minimum wage do not have to pay income tax
The BBC are living in the 1960s and  doing their best to pretend this is a LIbLabCon contest and are trying to airbrush UKIP out of the campaign. We must not let this happen. The SNP will obviously have a far bigger influence than the imploding LibDems but UKIP has a free run in England. Let us see if Farage can hit an open goal or is he just another England cricketing failure.


Edward Spalton said...

Visiting our local hospital in the last few days and getting into conversation casually with people in the cafe etc, a sizeable proportion of views ( 4 out of 6 I spoke to) were very close to the UKIP viewpoint.

Then today, pure joy - a chap coming into the car park as I was leaving commended my yesterday's letter in the Derby Telegraph ( debunking the scare that British residents in EU countries would become illegal immigrants if we left the EU). I hadn't realised I was sufficiently recognisable. They don't often print a photo and they hadn't this time.

Niall Warry said...

As bullet points they may well tick the boxes of public sentiment but if you or anyone else believes UKIP will actually be able to solve anything then I disagree.

As you said in the post before this UKIP may get between 1-3 seats and after 20 years that is no big deal.

Eric Edmond said...

They are still good bullets to fire.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Spalton,

There is a cartoon character in the Telegraph called le Rosbif. He was at Twickers for the England France game wearing his striped jersey, black beret, string of garlic round his neck carrying a baguette under his arm. Become le Rosbif for UKIP

The Double Event said...

"Excellent UKIP election poster" - sorry, Dr Eric, I disagree completely.

"Pity about the Farage pic" - yes, on this I agree with you 100% and that is precisely why I can't agree that it's an excellent poster.

I'm someone who invariably deplores the triumph of style over substance in the many cases where it is not desirable, but an election poster is one of those cases where effective design is probably more essential than the text it conveys, because it's not something that most people will look at for more than a few seconds as they rush past it on the way to work or the shops or whatever.

What hits the voters in the face as they're approaching this particular billboard? Not the five pledge points, no matter how good they are, but a huge mugshot of the old spiv himself, like something out of Kim Jong-Un's North Korea.

In this poster the so-called UKIP Pledge is thus personalised into a pledge by Farage himself, forcing the commuter or shopper rushing past the billboard to ask themselves not "do those five commitments chime with me?" but instead "do I trust that guy?"

Frankly, there might as well have been just one tickbox on the right hand side of the poster, pledging "I Will Sell You A Second-Hand Car That's Reliable".

Ask most people if they would trust Dodgy Nige the Spiv to sell them such a vehicle and they will reply with a resounding no. All the opinion polls show he is the "least trusted", "most weird", "most sleazy" etc etc, even in a field with Call Me Dave, Geeky Ed and Calamity Clegg.

No matter how good these five pledges are, what a pity the effort that has gone into formulating them has been instantly rendered a waste of time by making them dependent on public trust in Kim Jong-Nige, the Dear Spiv. Any image that juxtaposes the word "pledge" with a photo of Farage is about as incongruous as one which juxtaposes the word "sober" (or perhaps "pledge" in another context) with a photo of George Best.

No, as an election poster this is dreadful.

Henry IX said...

"Double Event" - this is Derick Deadmond's blog. Anything more than about 2 lines is way too difficult for him to take in... send your dissertations to Major Spambot instead!

Eric Edmond said...

Dear DE,

I agree with you re Farage pic. Would you buy a used car from this man would have been my caption.

Nevertheless the points are relevant and simple to understand.