Monday, 30 March 2015

UKIP disappears from dead tree media

The sleaze I wrote of last week endemic in Farage's UKIP cult makes it so easy for editors to airbrush out any good bits of UKIP and headline in 20 point the Atkinson etc gaffes of which there are many to choose from but the best ones all come from Farage. This was all perfectly predictable but the Farage professionalising first did not apply to Farage and secondly seemed to consist of promoting dodgy ex-Tories to key party positions. Of the newcomers only O'Flynn and Wolfe have added to UKIP the rest are clearly there to get on the gravy train like Nigel. His oft repeated claim he was making more money in the City is incapable of independent verification. He seems to have been involved for a short time with a tiny commodity trader. That's not where the big bucks are.

UKIP's poll ratings are now on the slide and by May 7th I expect them to be the same as the LibDems. Farage cannot win Thannet which will be his seventh failure to get to Westminster. At best UKIP will get 3 seats, Carswell, Reckless and A N Other, at worse only Carswell.

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