Friday, 27 March 2015

Farage's UKIP tops sleaze tracker poll

This is the latest result from You Gov, the respected polling company

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but remember you read it here first! UKIP is an honest decent party at branch level  but once you get higher to the NEC, MEP slates, Brussels UKIP employees etc I know from personal experience its a cult mired in sleaze.

The YouGov  chart below says it all

Note UKIP at 63 are second only to Bankers at 69 in the sleaze stakes. Political parties like a fish rot and smell from the head. The alltime high for a political party is also 69 for Labour following the 2006 Cash for Honours scandal.

Sleaze killed the Tories electorally  in 1997 when  Neil Hamilton, now UKIP NEC lost the ultra safe Tory seat of Tatton to an independent, Martin Bell, wearing a symbolic white suit. Hatton sans Hamilton is now the safe seat of, Gideon call me George, Osborne. According to the Guardian Mr Hamilton has not learned his lesson and they ran a story last year about him attempting to charge VAT on election expenses click on link to read the full details,

It was enough to finish off Hamiton's candidacy ambitions but of course the damage had been done. I doubt any other political party would have countenanced Mr Hamilton as a parliamentary candidate and he like Godders he was Cricked as well..

The damage Farage's chosen candidates are doing to UKIP can be seen in the chart below

So UKIP now stands at 12% and following. We may not have to suffer N Farage MP after all. Pity, he would have done well in "The Thick Of It"

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