Sunday, 22 March 2015

Vote SNP and save British democracy

Nicola Sturgeon  has indicated the SNP will only support a minority Labour government on a vote by vote basis. Great! This will go a fair way to returning our democracy.

Issues will then be treated individually on their merits and not as party policy. Jim Murphy realises this and what it means for his political future. He is leader of Scottish Labour but wants to be relected to Westminster but the game has changed. The two party system even propped up by the sordd LibDems is bust forever. No longer will people vote on a manifesto which can be torn up after the election and or cherry picked by a government implementing only what suits it and forgetting about the other promises in its manifesto. Thank God the days of handing a blank cheque to Labour or Tory are over.

No  other country runs an adverserial public school system of yah boo politics. They are normal we are abnormal Its another case of Johnny Foreigner doing things better than us like they do at football etc.

The US president's power is subject to severe checks and balances. UK PMs are the uncrowned king of the UK with no check on their power given the party whip system but take that away as the SNP will if they hold the balance of power and the MiliCam's power crumbles and power reverts much more to the people.

English knuckleheads should be grateful to Nicola and Alex. They will get their country back for them,.


Moose said...

My thougts exactly.
Thank you for saying this.

The Double Event said...

Hello Dr Eric,

Missed this one until now, so apologies for my slightly tardy contribution.

Worse still, for the second time this week I find myself in the unusual position of taking issue with you slightly! Not something I enjoy as I greatly respect you.

It concerns your assertion that "no other country runs an adverserial public school system of yah boo politics." Well, it may be true as far as the public school bit goes (even then I couldn't be absolutely sure), but in terms of being adversarial and yah boo I'm afraid there are all too many examples around the so-called developed world and far from it being abnormal it is all too sadly the norm.

Let me give you France, Italy and Australia as just three of many horseshoe or U-shaped parliamentary chambers in which rowdy, yah-boo scenes are the norm during big ministerial debates, with the parties of the Left and the Right shouting and hurling abuse at each other, in a way every bit as bad as at Westminster. In the Italian chamber in particular, "yah-boo" is an understatement, as on numerous occasions the mot juste would be "fisticuffs".

Much is made of the fact that most parliamentary chambers take a horseshoe shape rather than Westminster's arrangement of two facing sides, but I've always found the emphasis on this fact to be quite amusing, because it completely ignores what ought to be the rather obvious truth that a good proportion of a horseshoe still consists of two sides facing each other. The above-mentioned parliaments provide the evidence that linking two facing sides in a horseshoe is no impediment to having them square up to one another as though they were in the playground.