Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Who will Atkinson appeal to?

I as an elected member was kicked off the NEC at Farage's behest for "disruptive" comments ie asking pertinent and embarassing  questions of  Farage at the NEC. Farage of course got someone else to do his dirty work, in this case the UKIP traitor Bannerman who having been rewarded with a UKIP MEP slot has now rejoined the Tories. Denny who supported my expulsion from the NEC was mortified when Bannerman went back to the Tories. Politically Denny was politically extremely naive as are many members of UKIP who believe what ex-Tories, Farage, Atkinson, Evans etc say. They should scrutinise their actions not listen to their fine words to discover where their real loyalties lie. Poor Mr Denny! I bear him no ill will. Unlike Nigel's Tory recruits he believed in our cause. I exempt Carswell and Reckless from my criticism. They have risked everything in joining UKIP. They believe in our cause and I wish them well in May.

UKIP has now been taken over by third rate  ex-Tories. This is what Farage meant by 'professionalising'. I weep for the many honest decent UKIP members who have been sidelined. kicked out etc to make way for this Tory scum - Farage's word of choice it seems.

I lodged an appeal against my removal from the NEC to then find out that the appeal would be heard by the same people who made the original decision! When UKIP talks of their independent appeals process that's what they mean. Atkinson will find this out when she lodges her appeal that she has  said she will make.. She will just have to console herself with her one million Euros from the EU and I am sure in the fullness of time will like Bannerman scuttle off back to the Tories. Not a bad reward for a woman who has only been in UKIP for a few years. UKIP's latest crop of ex-Tories put in to be MEP candidates after a few months membership.

There is no specification of an independent appeals process in the UKIP constitution. Nigel would find it 'disruptive'. There have been people who have joined the party who have never been tainted by the Tories or indeed any other political party, O'Flynn for one and me back in 2009. I joined because I believed in the cause. The ex-Tories join to further their 'political careers'. They believe in nothing except their own bank balance


Eric Edmond said...

I guess Ms Atkinson's appeal is like Ms Atkinson now toast. At least her replacement Harriet Yeo is not an old Tory

The Double Event said...

Hello Dr Eric. As you may recall from previous posts I have submitted to your blog, I very strongly share your dim view of the vast majority of ex-Tories who dominate the top of UKIP. I take particular affront to the way most of them have only been in the party for the proverbial five minutes (and sometimes literally for less) before Farage parachutes them into prime candidate slots and/or other positions of influence. However, I wouldn't quite go as far as to say a previous association with the Tories necessarily "taints" them in every case. It's possible to have honourable exceptions and the person I'm thinking of is Roger Knapman. It's probably undeniable that he was persona non grata in Tory HQ for a number of years but I'm convinced that the Tories would welcome him back with open arms these days as quite a propaganda coup as an ex-leader of UKIP - possibly with a seat on the red leather that Farage ironically covets so much - yet despite what must be considerable provocation to do it, in the shape of years of the most vile insults and abuse from Farage, Mr Knapman is content to remain quietly faithful to UKIP from a simple position in the ranks. He has more class in his little finger than Farage has altogether. And more honour in his little fingernail.

The Double Event said...

I can't share your qualified welcome for Yeo however, Dr Eric.

No, she is not an old Tory, but so what? The plain fact is that she has come from another party and after just five minutes Farage has parachuted her into a plum candidate's position. That makes her no different to Atkinson and Bannerman and Andreasen and all the rest of them in my book, no matter what their ex-party happens to be.

There's no difference between Tory scum, as you put it, and Labour scum or Lib Dem scum when it all seeps back round the U-Bend as Faragista scum. Indeed if it has never had a past history of being other-party scum at all, it immediately degrades into scum when ingested into the deeper ridges of the toxic low-grade material known as Farage's arse.

As for this latest recruit to the Faragista Scum Parachute Regiment, what do we see?

Well, first, we see someone who has suddenly taken the oh-so-principled decision to leave her old party after, er, falling out with it mainly for shall we say technical rather than ideological reasons. A cynical path towards UKIP trodden by dozens of failed third-raters before Ms Yeo, and it matters not a jot that she is deserting Labour where most of the earlier examples deserted the Tories. They're all so unprincipled and interchangeable that having the option "insert previous party as applicable" is exactly the point.

In Yeo's case, the Road to Jericho was embarked upon after first being thrown out as Labour leader on Ashford Council on the grounds of non-attendance (she will make a great UKIP MEP one day) and failure to undertake casework, and then being deselected as a council candidate altogether for this year's local elections.

Insert "Tory" for "Labour" and oh what a familiar, dreary, rehashed tale of petulant woe we have. Of course, after this technical fall-out Ms Yeo suddenly had an ideological awakening and discovered her anti-EU inner self after being able to sit happily on the National Executice Committee of Blair, Brown and Miliband's drippingly Europhile operation without so much as a squeak for eight long bloody years. Principled resignation from her position of tinpot glory when, for example, the Lisbon Treaty was signed? Oh, don't be silly.

Second, just one month ago on 18 February, Ms Yeo told the BBC in defence of herself that she had "she had struggled to make some council meetings because of working full-time" (though presumably full-time employment had never been an impediment to turning up to possibly more starstruck meetings during those aforementioned eight years' membership of Labour's NEC, one year as Chairperson for good measure) and also that "she had found campaigning difficult due to recent operations that left her struggling to walk long distances".

Now, I wouldn't wish upon anybody surgery that leaves them struggling to walk, and if this has been genuinely the case with Ms Yeo then I feel sincerely sorry for her - but I also wonder how someone who claimed just one month ago that she finds it difficult to campaign, for this or indeed any other reason, can suddenly find herself quite alright to campaign as the actual candidate in a highish-profile parliamentary seat.

It certainly doesn't chime with this other snippet from 18 February: "Ms Yeo said she had not been asked to campaign for UKIP, and had not decided what to do, saying it would be "very difficult" for her to knock on doors due to her recent operations".

Hmmmmmm. Well, I suppose having a parachute enhances mobility quite miraculously, although Ms Yeo would do well to note that a parachute travels only in one direction, and it ain't up.


The Double Event said...


Point three - when Ms Yeo quit Labour last month, she said explicitly that she would not become a UKIP member. She wrote in the Telegraph that she was working with a group of Christian candidates who may stand as independents and "this means I cannot in all honesty join another party yet." Very principled once again, eh? Ah, but not so principled that just one month later she cannot be selected as a UKIP candidate by Nigel "One-Man Selection Committee" Farage despite so recently saying she could not in all honesty be a UKIP member. Such trifles are piffling to the One-Man Selection Committee, her new mate.

So, to sum up, after years of (at worst) agreeing with or (at best) happily keeping schtum about her old party's europhilia, as long as she was enjoying a cushy position within it, Ms Yeo fell out with Labour after a squabble in the local council group, announced in an inevitable blaze of publicity that henceforth she would support UKIP but would not join it and moreover had neither been asked to campaign for it nor would she find it easy for health reasons to do so, and yet just one month into this period of non-card-carrying, non-campaigning support for UKIP, she is suddenly parachuted into a parliamentary candidacy by Farage.

It is impossible to discern any difference between this ghastly chronology and the many previous tales involving Farage and ex-Tories, for the simple reason that there isn't one.

So, goodbye Paratrooper Atkinson, hello Paratrooper Yeo. Different training schools, same disreputable regiment.

Greg_L-W. said...


correct me if I am wrong but was it not Nigel Farage who claimed that there was not a fag paper diference between Labour, Conservative & Liberal Democrat lifting the nickname from my earlier articles lumping them together as the LibLabCon!

It is worth pointing out that Ukip claims grass roots dwemocracy, yet once again Farage parachutes in his own protege.

It seems likwly, based upon Farage's lack of judgement that Ms Yeo will be as much of a catastrophy as his earlier choices of failures from other parties like David Bannerman, Malcolm Pearson, Martyn Heale, Marta Andreasen, Roger Helmer and many more.

AND STILL after 22 years of 'claiming' a desire to Leave_The_EU neither Nigel Farage nor his cult followers have any vestige of an ethical, responsible, costed EU eXit and survival strategy - nor any vision or guide to those he seeks to vote for HIM as to a vision of the future or plan for Britain - just a simplistic little boys wish list!


Greg_L-W. said...


as to Janice Atkinson's stated intention to apeal, I am minded a of a story of Prince Charles' Naval service:
2 stockers having returned to his shiplate on their shore leave and very drunk were wheeled before him the following day - after a severe dressing down he sentenced them to loss of privileges for the remainder of their stay in port and extra duties and asked them what they had to say for themselves.
They both responded they would apeal against the verdict & punishment.
Charles, I understand, responded 'and who the **** do you plan on appealing to'!

Atkinson has an even worse plight as Nigel Farage has a long track record of telling lies for his personal gain, as with all sociopaths, and even stoops to trumping up unfounded evidence to orchestrate amongst his cult.

Perhaps some will remember the lies he invented about Eric Edmond, David Abbott, Nikki Sinclaire and many others!

Like so many in politics Nigel Farage is 1/3 actor, 1/3 liar, 1/3 chancer and all sociopath!

He has proved beyond any doubt that in respect of ethical and competent leadership he would struggle to lead a rubber duck around his own bath on a piece of string!

Dream on Ms. Atkinson!