Saturday, 25 April 2015

Good to see Farage at Gallipoli Cenotaph service

I am glad we put on such a great show to remember those on both siides who fell at Gallipoli Churchill's great failure. It is hugely important to the Aussies and New Zealanders who lost a huge percentage of men at this monument to UK military incompetence. My grandfather whom I never saw was due to go and be slaughtered there but was saved, although badly injured, by being in the Gretna train disaster when the troop train carrying the 7th, Leith, battalion of the Royal Scots en route to embark at Liverpool collided with a local train. Both signalmen involved were found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to prison,

 Both signalmen were subsequently charged, appeared before the High Court in Edinburgh on 24 September, found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to periods of imprisonment, one of them with hard labour.

 Read about it by clicking below

It still touches me the street names in this account were where I grew up, Dalmeny Street, Pilrig etc but I did not know the original ship they had been due to sail in had run aground so their depature from Edinburgh had been delayed by 24 hours. It was a bit like missing getting on the Titanic and makes one realise that but for fate we might not be here.

The best thing the Aussie cricket captain Steve Waugh  ever did was to institute his teams visit to Anzac Cove when they travelled for the Ashes tour.

It was good to see Farage was invited. He has a great interest in the Great War.

Sam Cam still looks a great ambassador for understated British fashion.


Edward Spalton said...

A bit like my uncle John in the next war. He had sailed from South Africa through the Red Sea when the engines failed and took three days to repair.

Long enough to keep him from being sent to Crete.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes indeed Mr Spalton, fate.

Henry IX said...

Farage 9 point lead in Thanet.... but you just remember "he has NO chance"!!!

Eric Edmond said...

Wait and see. Nigel has a little trick to play to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and secure his EU revenue stream.

Henry IX said...

"Nigel has a little trick to play"... another day, another 'Deadmond' conspiracy theory!!! is it fun in your little world??