Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday Telegraph on Establishment cover up of Janner plus a Farage whopper

The Establishment is a hidden network of the most powerful people in the UK who run our country for their and their friends benefit and to ensure the perpetuation of the system. Thus it now emerges that the DPP, one Alison  Saunders began her barrister career at One Garden Court Chambers when Gerald Janner was a senior QC member of that set. She should have declared an interest when the file alleging child sex abuse by Janner was sent to her and passed the file to someone totally independent and not played the not in the public interest card to save Janner from facing a trial. As a former chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews Janner was of course ex officio a member of the establishment.

Mrs May got into a similar establishment spider's web when seeking a chair person for the full child sex abuse imquiry. Her first choice, Butler Sloss turned to have a brother, Michael Havers who sat in cabinet with Leon Brittan who when Home Secretary had been key in the non prosecution of suspected establishment paedophiles. The peoples faith in the establishment must be preserved at all costs through lavish disbursement of titles, quango chairs, BBC board  members etc.

Mrs May's second choice one Fiona Woolf a former Lord Mayor of London fared no bettter when it emerged that Mrs Woolf had been on good social terms with Leon Brittan so she had to go also and Mrs May had to go 12000 miles to New Zealand to find and independent judge to chair her ill fated inquiry.

Post May 7 there will be a further influx of new recruits to the club as many unemployed former MPs will be ennobled and able to collect £300 every day they appear on the red leather. Knowing others in the establishment and loving the sound of your own voice are the only qualifications necessary. NB Major there are no SNP members of the HoL and Nicola Sturgeon has no establishment connections. Maybe that is why she is so popular with the ordinary people of England as well as Scotland.

In the Telegraph's 7 questions for 7 leaders Farage produces a whopper.

Question: One thing you would change about yourself?

Answer: "I am too tolerant sometimes. When it comes to loyalty I often offer too much, even to people who have let me down repeatedly. Maybe I need to be more cuthroat"

Nigel Farage is the most vindictive politician I have ever met. He harbours grudges like Tam O'Shanter's wife. He never forgives and forgets. I'll cut him off at the knees was one his favourite sayings.

His fault is his promotion of sycophants like Bannerman, Andreasen etc


Niall Warry said...

I agree Nigel LIED about being too tolerant he is a bully and a very vindictive person as many can testify.

As to SNP Lords we shall have to wait and see if the Red leather and ermine + dosh are taken up when offered, which apparently they may be soon according to the Telegraph.

Eric Edmond said...

The red leather has been on offer to the SNP for 20 years but they are not interested in baubles. They leave that to the Generals and Admirals whose wives value such trivia.

Niall Warry said...

We shall see as you seem to over look the finery and salary associated with being First Minister of Scotland!!