Thursday, 16 April 2015

How the establishment hypocrits protect their own and are shafting UKIP

The announcement not to prosecute leading British Jew Lord Janner for allegations of child sex abuse beggars belief. There seems to have been adequate evidence to put before a jury but the DPP decided in view of Janner's poor health that a trial would not be in the public interest. This is the get out of gaol free card available to the establishment but not to ordinary citizens who have to abide by the rule of law. We should learn from the US where a grand jury of ordinary citizens, not lawyers, decide in open court if there is a case to answer. Here in the UK there is one law for the rich and influential members of the establishment and another for the poor plebs. Rich Jews are also not slow to play the snti Sermitic card when they are in trouble. As Marlon Brando once remarked there are never films made about nasty Jews as they run Hollywood.

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The whole thing becomes even more sickening  when in 1999 this same man Janner was demanding a German nursing home resident in LeicestershireAustralia, should be deported and prosecuted for alleged war crimes.

As Guido puts it,

So Janner says you can prosecute of deport elderly wrong ‘uns, but not investigate the claims of his paedophilia because his memory is a bit hazy…

One law for the establishment and another for us.

There is a wider point. Rich Jews have wormed there way into the heart if the British establishment to secure exemptions and priveleges for Jews. This is now coming back to haunt us with Islamics now demanding these same exemptions for themselves. Worse the whole Middle East mess can be traced back to the Balfour Zionist declaration that the Jews must have a homeland. The trouble was there were people, the Palestinians liviing there already so the Jews are now having to indulge in the same ethnic cleansing that they never let us forget happened to them. Hypocrisy!

Then there is white van Labour MP, Thornberry, criticising Dave selling of social housing to its occupants while she buys up top end social housing costing one million in Islington to rent out.

That's the message for us.

A comment on Guido sums it all up

"For anyone who was late arriving, here's the summary of the benefits of being a politician:
Commit murder and get away with it
R@pe children and get away with it
Steal and get away with it
Start illegal wars and get away with it
Abuse an expenses system and get away with it"
Charles Manson, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Fred and Rose West, Jeffrey Dahmer, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter and all the other serial killers and nonces went about it the wrong way. If they'd just entered politics, they'd be free as a bird now

And they all look innocent and wonder why they are despised by the 'hard working families' They all claim to represent. Hold on, they can't all represent this group. Who will stand up for the idle benefits claimants?

Finally the way they are handling UKIP is pure establishment.  Farage is a performing monkey so how do you handle him. Simples you control the media like the Jews control Hollywood so deny Nigel an audience and let him wither on the vine. A performing monkey or film star  is nothing without an audience.

Nick Wood sums it up brilliantly ,

and its working! UKIP are steadily dropping off the publics radar. It will need a huge impact event to reverse this trend. The pity is the UKIP manifesto is not bad but its too little too late and its diminishing returns on expenses scandals etc. Time for UKIP to come up with something really good but what?

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Niall Warry said...

Get Nigel to announce UKIP will stand down in all but its 10 target seats that should create the 'something big' you are after!!