Friday, 17 April 2015

BBC Challengers debate farce - Farage was right!

There are many ways to rig a sample and the BBC knows them all. Even if last night's audience was a proper stratified random sample which i doubt, the questions to call was an editorial decision in the hands of the BBC.It called three women two very young, one of which was coloured plus a coloured man and one white middle aged man was patently not a representative cross section of the UK public. Farage was right to complain but this was a thought out decision by Nigel. He wants to be seen as the scourge of the politically correct, wimmin, brigade and burnish his common sense bloke in the pub image. It worked and will help secure UKIP's core vote.

Nicola Sturgeon again won the debate hands down, You can disagree with her policies but you cannot dispute her abilities and integrity, things lacking in most politicians.

The most interesting analysis came from the very clever Portillo in A Neil's programme. Portillo rightly pointed out that only Farage directly answered the black man's question on the effect of immigration on our services and that only Farage mentioned the huge build up of the National Debt to 1.3 trillion, a burden on future generations. As an aside note that it was only in the last few months UK debt incurred during the Napoleonic Wars was finally paid of!

It was therefore depressing to find 4 of the 5 speakers promising yet more debt funded public spending eupemistically called 'investment' by the Welsh lady. Its consumption pure and simple to be paid for by future generations.

UKIP's manifesto has stood up to scrutiny and was the only one to offer deailed policies to reduce the deficit and start on debt reduction. The armed forces commitments were also excellent.

I have criticised Ms Evans as a poor TV performer but she deserves credit for this manifesto although I think O'Flynn probably had a big input as well.

UKIP's difficulty is the others are competing in an auction of  give away promises to the electorate who will be conned after the election jus as Clegg shafted the students in 2010. UKIP will lose out in this silly bidding war but that's how politics works. There is a saying in the commodity markets where Farage claimed he made a mint. Sell 'em what they want and ship 'em what you have got. That's what is happening Nige!

The Spectator has another slant on audience bias which is worth reading

PS Also this one praising Farage

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