Sunday, 19 April 2015

Farage solid on today's Sunday Politics

Farage gave a good solid performance in today's Andrew Neil interview. Neil tried him out on a variety of topics including Farage standing by his commitment to stand down as leader if he does not win Thanet. As NF said there will be a big change in party leaders post election. There will only be one winner and the rest losers.

Farage made an excellent point that the drowning of refugees in the Med did not happen under Gadaffi and we are responsible along with Sarkozy for toppling Gadaffi. The same can be said in spades about Iraq and Saddam.

Most interesting was Farage's clear offer of UK refugee status to Middle East Christians who are clearly now being persecuted ad killed by the Moslems. It was good to see a UK politician not pandering to the Islamic vote. Our churchmen and judiciary should take a leaf out of Farage's book. Allowing Islamic women to wear veils in court that only expose their eye slit is discriminatory and perverts jusrice which must be seen to be done.

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