Wednesday, 22 April 2015

That Sturgeon woman!

That is how the posh public schoolboy members of the London political elite refer to Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP. Over the centuries the London establishment could never take being bested by one of the lower orders particularly a woman eg Margaret Thatcher . When he was about 6 my son was addicted to a pre war black and white British film called "That Hamilton Woman" starring Larry Olivier as Nelson and Vivian Leigh as Emma Hamilton who following Nelson's death was shamefully shunned by the British Establishment.

It was also Churchill's favourite film during the dark days  of the war and like my son he watched it many times to lift his spirits. Emma was not one of the aristocratic elite but like Nicola had talent. Add that to Nicola's patent integrity and you have the reason why people like her and detest Cameron, Milliband and Clegg. Accusing her of seeking to break up our country, the cry of the London elite, is absurd. Scotland is not their country but it is Nicola's. I hear that Matthew Parris, gay icon of the London Tory elite, has been up in Inverness recently checking on the health of Scottish Tories presumably under the endangered species laws. Did he find any?

Farage gave a good performance on morning and eveningTV today. UKIP have a good story to tell and a good manifesto to run on but that alone will win few if any seats. What UKIP lacks is a proper political machine and independent constituency associations. It does not have a well organised army of activists like the LibDems. That is Farage's failure. He has handed over the party organisation to sycophants like Crowther with the resultant underperformance. UKIP is currently running at twice the Lib Dem poll ratings. The Lib Dems are expected to win 25 - 30 seats but UKIP's realistic expectation is 4. That is the measure of UKIP's organisational failure but if you smear and kick out the best only the dross remains and we have no hope of exiting the EU.


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Eric Edmond said...

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