Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lib Dem arrogance at Yeovil tonight

I turned up at the Yeovil hustings to night at 7 pm along with 500 other voters. All the other candidates were there at 7 pm plus an audience of 500. Nothing happened as David Laws had not yet appeared. I waited until 7:30 pm and left.

It is well seen that Yeovil is a Lib Dem rotten borough held by a man who tried to claim £40000 to which he was not entiled from the public purse to give to his boyfriend.

His defence? He did not want his Mummy to know he was a homosexual . Did he stand down when this claim was uncovered? He did not. Did the local party ask him to stand down. No they did not. A pathetic little man but still a Minister of the Crown.


Niall Warry said...

So do you think he will lose?

Eric Edmond said...

No. EYeovil is a LibDem rotten borough.