Wednesday, 29 April 2015

UKIP's strategic failure

UKIP should right now be doing the work to ensure victory in the EU in/out referendum when it comes as it will. We will get one shot at this and right now Farage's UKIP have done little to prepare the Out campaign. Right now only around 25% of the population will vote to leave leaviing a comfortable in majority. To be fair to Farage he has started on the campaign to ensure only UK citizens are allowed to vote but even this will be difficult to achieve politically and administratively given the incompetence of the Electoral Commision.

Week after week there is a constant drip of fear of the effect of leaving the EU on UK jobs from our CEOs of FTSE companies. The latest a half baked job from a German source. It reminded me of the interference in the Scottish referendum last year by the sordid British Petroleum McObama and the EU slime. UKIP needs to be mounting a serious attack on these companies pointing out how the EU supplies them with a limitless supply of cheap unskilled subservient labour and endless opportunities to frame the rules for their own financial advantage. UKIP has to start undermining these people now pointing out how they represent nobody but their own bank balance. They don't care about us or our services or children or our country.

We met this problem in the 1870s under Irish Tenant Farmers rights. This was to stop the landowner controlling by intimidation the votes of his tenants in open balllots. That's why we now have a secret ballot although that was also resisted by the CEOs of that that time. It also enshrined the one man one vote principle getting rid of company votes.

We are now the Irish tenant farmers fighting against the over weaning power of the political elite of the UK and EU. This time protection of the German car industry is paramount.

In the current popular metaphor you cannot fatten the pig on market day. UKIP has to start now on this campaign but I fear they have not the will, the people or the stomach for the fight. If not Cameron will bounce us into his fixed referendum which the totally unprepared UKIP will lose and we will be embedded in the EU for the forseeable future until  the ISIS takeover and we will have to pray the Russsians take them out. It will be 1939 all over again.


Henry IX said...

" in the EU in/out referendum when it comes as it will"... really? you believe that so strongly - just goes to show you and old Major Spambot, good old useful Tory idiots born yesterday!!

Eric Edmond said...

Yes it will happen and will close down UKIP for a generation.

The Double Event said...

To say "the EU in/out referendum when it comes as it will" is not to say one has fallen for Cameron's rhetoric. It's just to assert that assuredly an EU in/out referendum will happen one day, one way or another. I would have thought all UKIP supporters would readily support such an assertion, or else there is little point in them being in UKIP.

Niall Warry said...

Flexcit is the off the shelf exit and survival plan UKIP should adopt.