Friday, 3 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon performs best in leader's debate

I have opined earlier that i expected Nicola to shine in th leader's debate and last night I was not disappointed. She was outstanding and took a line close to my earlier blog,;postID=2240309058485300713;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname

But what of the perspiring Farage. His sweaty appearance reminded me of Richard Nixon's in his 1960 presidential election debate with Jack Kennedy. Its worthwhile looking at this debate to see how juvenile our boy Spad politicians are.

Farage did OK. It was supposed to be his big night but he did not put the ball in the net. He is fortunate he will have another chance in two weels on the Beeb. His winning point is how similar LibLabCon are. I would have gone further and said that if you re-elect LibLabCon they will not change our broken political system. Why would they? It suits them very well with its yah boo In the Thick of It spad politics. I would suggest Farage argues for a reduction in the House of Commons to around 400 and a 4 year fixed term plus an elected House of Lords with 100 members approx elected 2 per county for a fixed non renewable term of 6 years with staggered elections every 2 years. That would rid us of the 800 plus broken down party hacks calling themselves Lords who have no democratic legitimacy and love the sound of their own voices.

He could go further in restoring power to the people by seperating the legislative functions of the Commons from the administrative function with ministers no longer having to be MPs but having to appear monthly before the appropriate select committee. MPs would become citizen legislators as they are in some Swiss cantons. Our MPs are only there Monday afternoon to Thursday morning so why not formally recognise this under employment. Finally build a hostel for them to stay in if the wish and abolish property allowances etc.

Show UKIP will radically change our broken system and Farage does not want a seat in the Lords.


Niall Warry said...

And pigs might fly!!!

Eric Edmond said...

Can you please explain.