Monday, 6 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon smear

This originated from the Westminster public school spad  political elite. They will now do anything to discredit the SNP, a legitimate democratic party with perfectly legitimate aims of an independent Scotland. It will rebound on these public school tossers. Nicola is an able woman from a poor background telling the truth and the UK public recognise that. It is why many English voters have been asking how they can vote for her. I don't recollect the political elite telling the IRA they wer attempting to break up our country. It was only after the IRA killed a few in London including in the Palace of Westminster plus of course nearly killing the PM in Brighton that the posh boys decide to make a load of concessions. I do hope the SNP can achieve its aims by democratic means.

How did this internal memo get passed to the Torygraph a public school dominated paper? Why was no fact checking done to verify the document which now looks like a pack of lies written by some anti SNP civil servant in Edinburgh and disseminated in London.

I have no great hopes of the leak inquiry finding the culprit. They never do, but it shows how far the establishment will go to safeguard its power and priveleges. The SNP never take knighthoods or lordships unlike the Anglican elite from Generals to Lib Dems,  nonentities all.


Niall Warry said...

Nicola Sturgeon under here remodelled look is a rabid socialist who would bankrupt Scotland.

I have read a good paper recently that even had the SNP won the referendum it was only to start the talks to work out how independence would work in practice.

At this point two things would very likely happen - a flight of people, businesses and their money. At this point the SNP would abandon the talks for independence as what was left of Scotland would not be viable to 'go it alone'.

It looks like we are stuck with our Scottish cousins for some time yet.

Eric Edmond said...

Why am I not surprised at your blinkered attitude?

Niall Warry said...

I'm not blinkered as I see beyond Nicola to her Marxist soul where as your tartan blinkers only allow you to see anything Scottish as good and the Tory's as nothing but a group of posh elites.

Funny how Nicola now earns more than the PM!!!!

Eric Edmond said...

The chief Execs of umpteen NHS trusts earn more than the Pm and have not 10% of Nicola's talent and dedication.

You miss the point Major. If you had worked in the Civil Service you would realise how easy it is to bend people who crave knighthoods, peerages,chairman of committees etc. These things are important to public school types and even more important to their wives.

What Nicola has is integrity. They don't do integrity at Eton.

Niall Warry said...

As with all your public school bashing your beliefs are simply a parody of the truth.

I care not who else earns more than the PM the fact is Nicola Sturgeon does and she certainly didn't hand any of it back.

When all is said and done the really BIG problem with your beloved Nicola Sturgeon is that her core Marxist beliefs have been proved over and over again to NOT work.

She may be fooling a lot of Scots but she won't be able to fool the economic realities of life.

So long as she is a rabid socialist she will never succeed in her aims for Scotland.

Eric Edmond said...

Nicola has integrity and that is the most important quality to look for in a politician. Frank Field, Gisella Stuart both have it Its more difficult to find a Tory with integrity and impossible to find a straight LibDem.

Niall Warry said...

I disagree that she has integrity or high moral principles as for example keeping all her pay is NOT very moral is it and on the question of another referendum in Scotland she is being devious.

I agree about Frank Field but Nicola is not in the same league IMO.

John Bull said...

MI5 ran the IRA.