Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Farage is paranoid about plots against him

One of Farage's problems is he thinks everyone else thinks like him. He has fomented enough plots himself against the leadership when he was not the leader to believe that is what people are now doing to him hence the unscheduled NEC meeting callled yesterday at short notice. Trouble is his usual whipping boy, the BNP, is now defunct.so who can he point the finger at now.

Carswell better be careful about Evans. She owes everything to Farage and knows which side her bread is buttered. Everything she wants is in Farage's gift so he can control her. Carswell and O'Flynn are different. They are there on their own merits and Farage controls nothing that they want and in Carswell's case he controls the Short money that Farage wants.

Farage clearly has to go for the out side in the referendum to have any chance. But of course he won't go. Like Robert Mugabe he will cling on to power supported by his payroll vote as long as possible.

One prediction, Farage won't be taking a holiday any time soon. He knows what has happened to numerous African leaders who have been deposed whilst they have been out the country.

Farage does not look well to me.


The Double Event said...

We seem to be watching Farage's final descent into madness. In the space of a week he moved from all that "weight off my shoulders" nonsense, which was of course completely insincere but was delivered nonetheless in a shrill manner which betrayed his true state of mind, to the crazed declaration that he intends to remain leader for twenty more years. He is now utterly barking (as opposed to his erstwhile condition of just barking). Mugabe indeed. Gaddafi comes to mind too and look what happened to him.

There have been many outbursts of insanity from Farage before, as we know, but the game-changer which The Dear Leader doesn't understand is that all this is now being played out in the full glare of the public spotlight. Certainly his marketing pitch as a straight talker is an irreparably busted flush, not merely disbelieved now but subject to open ridicule.

Another interesting media development is that the tiresome "six pints before lunch" routine is no longer being used by hacks to embellish Farage's bogus Honest John credentials either. Instead the narrative is becoming "Farage's drink problem". I was watching the Sky News press preview on the night the Sun was running the "20 More Years" stuff and, as it happened, the journo who conducted that interview with Farage, David Wooding, was one of Sky's guests. Wooding is well-liked and respected on all sides at Westminster, but apart from mocking the 20 More Years line, he also raised an eyebrow at Farage's alcohol intake from the outset of an interview which began at noon.

During the election campaign there was an extraordinary report in the media about a drunken "victory party" in a Thanet pub, brought on for no reason other than a solitary opinion poll which had put Farage ahead, which culminated in a paralytic Dear Leader climbing on a table and bawling out Sinatra songs. The man who aimed to professionalise the party, let's not forget. In quieter moments he ought to dwell on the opening lines of My Way:

"And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain..."

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed. There have been many tales of drunken binges in Brussels well away from British journos. There was an extra NEC meeting at short notice yesterday at Farage's behest presumably to try and prop him up but he is no longer a character just an embarassment.

L fairfax said...

What plots was he involved in?
I wish all UKIP members read your blog.

Eric Edmond said...

Plots to oust Roger Knapman when he was leader.

I also wish more UKIP members read my blog. Gradually its dawning on the Kippers that I am telling the truth about what goes on at the top of UKIP.

I have never been a member of any other party except UKIP. I have never been paid by UKIP but I have donated to UKIP from time to time.