Monday, 18 May 2015

Truth behind the unresigning starts to emerge

It is now clear that Evans, O'Flynn and Carswell want a more collegiate softer approach for Cameron's referendum and see Farage as a vote loser. Its not a plot only common sense. Needless to say Nigel does not see it that way and is trying to appear to be patching things up with UKIP's sole MP. Bad news Douglas, Farage neither forgives or forgets. You will soon be on the receiving end of a lot of political smears from anonymous sources so have your defences ready.

Evans, O'Flynn & Carswell are of course perfectly correct. To have any chance of securing an out vote Farage has to disappear, the sooner the better. UKIP is irrelevant only the referendum now matters. Lose that to the stay in brigade and even if UKIP win 50 seats in 2020 they will be powerless. The people will already have spoken. Farage has done his bit for UKIP and now must stand down for the greater good.

As I wrote yesterday the out campaign best chance is to secure the services of the Wizard of Oz asap. He was calling the shots for the Tories right down to telling Cameron to move/demote his mate Gove from Education 8 months before the election as he was 'toxic' for the Tory campaign. Cameron wisely deferred to his strategist and the rest is recent history.

So I say again if  you want to get out of the EU get Farage out, the Oz bloke in and do what he says. This is far to important to pander to Farage's ego and the cabal's bank balances. Cam will put him on the red leather if nothing nasty is found when the new regime takes over.  .

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