Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Farage resignation rejection was a put up job

As always with UKIP NEC things are fixed by Nigel and his sycophants. Click below to read the truth.


Things have not changed on UKIP NEC since I was kicked off 6 years ago. It is still a Farage rubber stamp with opposition shouted down.

How long will Carswell put up with this disgusting pretence of democracy. I am sure Dave will welcome Carswell back when he gets fed up with Farage. It will increase his majority if nothing else.


The Double Event said...

Good afternoon Dr Eric. Thank you, that is a tremendous link that you have uncovered. Over the weekend on your "Farage - Serial Loser" post we had a good discussion abut the shabby insincerity of Kim Jong Nige's fake resignation and we already knew that an "unresignation" was coming at some point, but I didn't expect that even The Great Cult Leader would be so brazen or so stupid as to put it into effect so quickly.

The Unresignation already looked like the dumbest move of his dumb move-littered career even before the Breitbart revelations. The media was merciless in its ridicule on Monday and Tuesday, replaying the "Man Of My Word" clifftop oration, widely recycling the "policy from the Westminster Arms" quote from The Thoughts Of Chairman Nige which we discussed the other day (and which thanks to Farage's own stupidity we no longer need worry will be whitewashed away) and openly guffawing at the suggestion that a reluctant Farage had been dragged kicking and screaming back to the leadership by an insistent party.

Thanks to Breitbart (and I never thought I would write those three words), the guffaws have been entirely justified. The biggest weakness in what passes for a brain inside Farage's skull is that it is programmed to pull this kind of stunt in the confident belief that no-one outside UKIP will either know or care, a condition brought about by years of repeatedly following exactly such a pattern, and thus he is astonishingly oblivious to the fact that quite a lot of people are indeed finally watching him. That this should not have struck him as inevitable after recent high-profile months might be extraordinary but it demonstrates the extent to which his little bubble is one of total, psychotic self-delusion. It demonstrates as well how if UKIP is to advance to the next step whereupon it would solidify a position of media relevance, Farage is utterly unfit for the purpose of leading it in such circumstances.

But then you and I, Dr Eric, knew that already! What does strike me as a potentially sensational new development - aside from the fact that Farage's undeserved reputation as a straight talker is deservedly collapsing quicker than you can say "real bone China, five quid to you, missus"- is the fact that it is Breitbart of all news operations (I use that phrase lightly) which is making the revelations about what really went on at the NEC (Nigel's 'Elpers and Cronies).

From the moment it appointed Farage's useful idiot-in-chief Delingpole as its executive editor, Breitbart London has been the Unresigned One's biggest cheerleader. Not surprsing when you look at who it recruited at the same time as Delingpole - Raseem Kasam, who of course moved on in a short space of time to be Farage's right hand spiv in the matching Arthur Daley coat. The reporter of the NEC revelations, Andre Walker, was also appointed to Breitbart at the same time as Kasam and the two of them worked closely together on political news.

The level of detail in this report about what went on at the NEC is notable. Clearly the leak has come from the highest level.

Farage is in big trouble. The mainstream media is smelling his blood at last. His friends at Breitbart are obviously deserting him. The suspicion must be that Kasam has turned on him too - yet another example, oh familiar phrase, of Farage's rotten personal judgment. Carswell is patently disgusted by Farage's attempted Westminster money grab and pretty much in open mutiny, beyond The Great Unresigned One's control. And it would appear that others, principally Woolf in all likelihood, are rising up too.

The Double Event said...

Meanwhile, another story that is unhelpful to Farage is emerging, with the news that his grubby Polish ally Korwin-Mikke is calling for the legalisation of child porn. In saying that child porn is not child abuse, he is managing to be as stupid as he is vile.

As with so much else, Farage's little Brussels empire and his foul continental friends mattered little to the British media hitherto, but this is a sign that his grubby manoeuvres are going to be more in the spotlight henceforth, particularly when Fleet Street sniffs blood.


Henry IX said...

It's quite good stuff from the 'Double Event', however 'Somerset Yokel' has repeatedly said that "no name equals troll" - so come on, tell us who you are. The last thing wee Eric would want is a little hypocrisy getting in the way of a 'good story'!!!