Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Follow the money to understand Farage


This is a great story by Guido which perfectly illustrates Farage's charaxter


Short money was introduced by Edward Short many years ago to help amall parties to pay for their costs at Westminster. Carswell does not want all this money. I was there 6 years ago arguing UKIP should not take EU money which is quite simply an EU bribe. Short money is kosher but Carswell knows where it leads and it dies him great credit to turn this money down so why does Farage want it?

Douglas-Carswell-with-Nig-012Simples he would control the money it and it would enable him to buy many more paid syscophants to control the NEC. UKIP is a very lucrative business for the sycophants. UKIP exists for that function. Getting us out of the EU comes way down  Farage's list of priorities. UKIP are not looking to spend this money for the benefit of their 3.9 million voters as they claim. It would  to be spent for to benefit Farage and his cronies.

I hope Carswell keeps control of this money and tells Farage to get lost

Follow the money and undertsand the UKIP cult..


The Double Event said...

Bravo Carswell. Farage assumed without a second thought that he could treat the taxpayers' money that flows into Westminster in the same way he has treated the taxpayers' money that flows into the European Parliament for all these years - as his cash-cow to raid at will. In Carswell, Farage has had a rude awakening.

Perhaps the most sickening comment I have read in regard to this came from whichever Farage-croney parroted the line issued from his master's voice and told the media: "Douglas needs to understand this is not his money; it is the party's money". No it ruddy well is not the party's money, it is the public's money. Carswell seems to understand perfectly well without any help from the Farage-cultists that it is not his money, but it's a pity Farage doesn't understand it's not his money either.

The rules are quite clear that Short money is for assisting opposition parties "in their parliamentary duties" - NOT for oiling the wider party machine. UKIP's parliamentary duties begin and end with Carswell, because numpties like Farage and Reckless weren't capable of winning their seats. End of. It is sick beyond belief that Farage thinks he could justify furnishing a solitary backbencher with fifteen staff - on top, incidentally, of the staff which Carswell has already, as the man himself has pointed out. Another factor which has been less widely examined is that those fifteen staff would have shared a kitty of 650,000 pounds a year - an average of over 43,000 pounds each.

The penny has finally dropped (no pun intended) as to whom Farage resembles. He is like one of those awful American televangelists who get away for years with posing as a symbol of decency fighting evil and conning gullible folk into falling for their charisma, before the fake image is scraped away to reveal nothing but a grubby, money-grabbing con-man. We know where most of them end up eventually too. I'm not necessarily talking about hellfire, although it might be close....

Eric Edmond said...

Spot on DE. MEPs are party nominees. MPs are elected in their own right.