Monday, 11 May 2015

Farage on off resignation makes UKIP a laughing stock

Here is a quote from one TomPhil on Democracy forum that sums things up

Can you imagine this happening in any credible political party? Can you imagine if Ed Miliband suddenly announced today that he was continuing as leader of Labour after all, or Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats? Of course not. It would be ridiculous. I can imagine the derision any such decision would be treated with by members of this forum, and rightly so.

Had Nigel Farage resigned and then run for election again in September, even that would not have been so bad, because at least he could say he had resigned. But to withdraw his resignation and go back on what he said, what he put so much emphasis on during the campaign, absolutely destroys his credibility and integrity.

Does he not realise that at every single opportunity forever more UKIP's opponents will raise this as an example of his and UKIP's lack of integrity? When the EU referendum campaign comes round, what are the "yes" campaign going to say, every single time Farage opens his mouth? "Oh well, you can't trust a word he says: he promised to resign if he lost South Thanet and he didn't."

Does he not realise that UKIP has built much of its support on the basis of opposition to the dishonesty and lack of integrity in politics? That integrity, trustworthiness, being different to the other parties, was as much a part of UKIP's appeal as its opposition to the EU and desire to control immigration?

Further, it reiterates more than anything else could that UKIP is a one-man party. UKIP's opponents couldn't have done a better job of proving that if they had tried.

I am also extremely disturbed by Steve Crowther's description of the election campaign as a "great success". My understanding had been that UKIP was aiming to increase its number of seats. Instead it lost one of its two seats and failed to pick up any more. Is this was UKIP was aiming for? If this is a "great success", I'd hate to see what UKIP think a failure would have looked like. This proves that the party executive are in a state of complete delusion. If they cannot see that the election campaign was a failure and that big changes are needed they will repeat the same errors again and again with exactly the same results.

It doesn't matter whether you support Nigel Farage's leadership or not. However you feel about that, this has destroyed the party's prospects for years to come. It can be only complete hubris from Farage that has persuaded him to deliver a catastrophic blow to the party to retain his own position.

As I say, I joined UKIP ten years ago. I stopped renewing my membership for a few years due to Lord Pearson's leadership and I didn't renew after Farage became leader again because I had lost confidence in him. After the successes of last year I decided to give him another chance and re-join. However, I can now see I was absolutely wrong to. So far as I am concerned he now has no credibility or legitimacy as leader and his continued occupation of such role will damage the party and the independence cause until he resigns.

I will not be renewing my membership whilst he remains leader but further, for the first time in ten years, I will also be withholding my vote from UKIP and will not vote for or support UKIP in any election until he resigns or is voted out. I am very sad after ten years to be put in this position: I have stuck with UKIP through a lot, and I am sure for longer than most of its current members and supporters. But this action by Farage, coupled with the support of the executive committee for it, is beyond the pale as far as I am concerned and means I can no longer support the party.

I am also extremely disappointed in the members who have become so caught up in the Farage cult of personality that they consider the abandonment of the party's integrity and credibility to be a price worth paying to keep their idol in the role. The actions of such members in calling for Farage's reinstatement have been profoundly destructive to UKIP's aims and cause. I only hope that this damage can be undone in time.

Here is Nuttall's truth lacking statement to the BBC

The NEC is not made up only of elected members. Around 40% are Farage nominees. How many elected members were present for this decision? Very few I will warrant. Only the paid placemen would be summoned. It reminds me of an old Soviet style show trial.

UKIP is now clearly seen as a Farage cult. It is not a political party.

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