Sunday, 10 May 2015

Russia puts on VE day celebration and warns the EU

It is an oft ignored fact in the UK that the Russians won the European war against Nazi Germany. They turned the tide at Stalingrad and with their superb  diesel engined T34 tank with its shell deflecting armour defeated the German panzers at the three battles around Kursk in 1943. The Russians call it the Great Patriotic War and they lost 30 million people in winning it. The flummery in London today with the flunkeys dressed up in their rich finery, to bow and scrape before Betty von Battenburg and her ever increasing brood is just a typical piece of British theatre like the last night of the proms.

Russia is a European country with a large well equipped, well trained army, navy and airforce. Its capital Moscow is 1000 miles West of the Urals. It was incredibly insulting for the EU and the UK not to send their heads of state and political leaders to Moscow for this parade. We owe them a huge debt for 1945. but the EU are rapidly getting us into a war with Russia over Ukraine and Crimea.

Fact: Crimea has historically been a part of Russia and its population voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia

Fact: In WWII many Ukrainians fought with the Germans against Russia and Putin will rightly never tolerate Dr Frau Merkel's 4th Reich on his borders.

Click on link to see what the EU is provoking

The first picture from this report says it all. A very advanced tank of which Russia has many. A large part of the reason Russia defeated Hitler was because of their T34s. We don't have hardware of that quality and power so if it comes to a conflict we will lose but it will be our children that are killed not the Eurocrat's kids.

So rather than being a force for peace the EU is a reincarnation of Napoleon and Bismarck's territorial ambitions in Eastern Europe. This is a dangerous time and we must rein in EU expansionism

PS Monday 11th May Merkel flies to Moscow on 10th May, day after the big parade to meet Putin. Usual great factual report from the WSJ on link below

Merkel at least is a realist. Must come from her science training.


Niall Warry said...

I agree Russia should be our ally and while not perfect, but then are we after Iraq, we should be working with them not against them.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Major, I shall be recommending you for promotion

Niall Warry said...

never forget you already out rank me in civil service terms anyway!