Friday, 29 May 2015

Farage, UKIP's Sepp Blatter

There is a striking similarity between Farage's frequent re-elections as leader of UKIP and Blatter's frequent relection's as FIFA president. Both dominate their respective organisations by controlling their payroll vote. In Blatter's case its the executive committees of a host of small poor football asssociations and in Farage's case a group of talentless MEPs totally dependent on Farage's patronage to get on the EU gravy train. Each MEP  comes with their group of hangers on who want to get on the gravy train themselves. That amounts to a payroll vote of around 200 that control sufficient local branches plus dominate the speaking schedule at all UKIP events.

The talented members of UKIP who can speak well are never seen by the membership so when the vote for the leader comes round no one has really seen the other candidates. Sure they may get to speak at a hustings attended by around 200 members in total out of the UKIP membership of 20000 plus.

UKIP is a joke Farage cult. Guy Verhofstadt,  a Belgian MEP and frequent butt of Farage's infantile rants in the European parliament summed it up beautifully. Farage submits a resignation as leader which he himself rejects and then sits in on the subsequent discusiion to ask himself to come back as leader. Not even Sepp Blatter has done that! Blatter has however read the Farage book of excuses when asked about embarassing underlyings. This is a big organisation and I cannot be expected to know everything that goes on. The culture is something that leader sets and hence is responsible for. Thats where the sleaze comes from in all organisations.

We don't have an FBI but I live in hope that the UK authorities will one day investigate UKIP but it won't be done to FBI standards.

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