Monday, 1 June 2015

We shoud ask Diana's brother, Charles Spencer to head the Out referendum campaign

UKIP won Thanet council but the voters did not vote for Farage as their MP This is the seventh time Farage has stood for Westminister and lost. The more the voters see of Farage the more they dislike him. UKIP has a popular message but Farage himself is plain unelectable. The current spat with Carswell shows Farage at his bullying worst and shows how irelevant Farage is

The coming referendum is now the only game in town. Who will lead the Out campasign? I don't know. I hope it is a case of cometh the hour cometh the man.

It should not be a politician. It has to be someone who can attract support from all parts of the population. Frank Field said on Sunday it should be someone who could not have voted in Wilson's fixed 1975 fake referendum. I agree. We need a national apolitical patriot figure. A British Joan of Arc would do nicely. Someone who wants to save our country from the bent, self seeking profesional Europhiles. But who?

I am not a royalist but if one of the royals stood up to head the campaign it would be ideal. They would be seen as interfering in politics rather saving their country and they are all well cowed by the establishment. Diana's  brother, Charles Spencer however has shown he has real guts, brains and independence of thought. I well remember the great speech he gave in the Abbey at Diana's memorial service. It showed he will not be cowed by the establishment or even the Queen who was reportedly  furious at his speech. He is the 9th Earl and comes from a family that has a longer association with the UK than Betty von Battenburg.s German lot. The Spencers have a good amount of Stuart blood in them, preferable in my opinion to the German blood that Diana Spencer hated in the current crop of royals.

Time for someone to sound him out. Diana's memory is still a potent force in the UK. Lets use it for someting better than selling magazines.


Niall Warry said...

Wonders will never cease you supporting a Royalist!!!!!

We will not win with a figure head - this has to be a grass root campaign.

Read R. North on this matter.

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed but we do need a figurehead. Charlie Spencer is not a member of the royal family and his elder sister Diana was kicked out by Betty von Battenburg so no royals in my plan.

Sue said...

I agree, without a main "spokesperson" it will feel like a bit of melee and badly organised. His link with Diana would make him a popular choice.

Eric Edmond said...

Sue, Can you chat him up please for the cause?