Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why do all politicians including Cameron want us to stay in the EU?

The EU is a politicians dream. Power without elections. Money with no accounting. I am getting tired of every foreign politico telling us what a disaster it would be for us if we leave. What they really mean is what a disaster it would be for them!

As always we can rely on the BBC to promote Johnny Foreigners interests. Click below for the latest


More worrying is the traitor Cameron's words of comfort to Juncker last weekend


As Reckless now an ex MP said our Prime Minister is not serious in his re-negotiations. Every one knows he will promote the stay in vote irrespective of how little he will get back from the EU. Why? He has his eyes on his next job in Brussels.  He is a member of the political elite and he is intent on preserving the power and priveleges of his Brussels Bullingdon Cllub.

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