Wednesday, 3 June 2015

US nails Blatter

There are many things I dislike about the US civil legal system with its propensity to sue for any thing and that employs more lawyers as a result than the rest of the world put together. The treatment of BP as a political football by their sordid President and the expense of their heath care as a result of litigation costs spring to mind.

Their criminal justice system is a different matter. They pursue and charge criminals. They imprison the guilty for long periods and levy fines that are a real deterrent unlike our courts where fines can often be paid out of petty cash.

Most important, they have managed to  maintain some political independence for their courts allbeit local judges are elected and Supremes are presidential nominees. In the latter case they are subject to confirmation by the Senate and the House and if confirmed their term of office is indefinite so  extends well past the administration that nominated them in the first place.

Their system is to some extent based on English Common Law something we are losing in the UK as Strasbourg takes over our courts. That is why the EU justice sytem is a farce mired in political corruption and hidden national self interests. In the EU justice is not blind. Their judges are highly political and riven with national self interest.

That is why Blatter was safe in Europe including Switzerland and his deficiencies could only be exposed in the US. Its a sad indictment of the EU justice system that nothing could be done about Blatter. Worse, this corrupt system is now being imposed on us. All courts including our own are corrupt to some extent but some are more corrupt than others. The latter are found in Strasbourg and European capital cities.

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