Friday, 5 June 2015

Why does multinational big business want us to stay in the EU?

This morning the head of Shell, Ben van Buerden speaking to journos attending the OPEC conference in Vienna said, "I don't think it will be a good idea for Britain to exit Europe". Note the use of Europe which is not what the referendum  will be about. We are being asked to vote on leaving the EU. Europe is a continent extending 1000 miles East of Moscow to the Urals. The EU is a rickety administrative structure dominated by a load of dodgy corrupt mid European politicos. This conflation of Europe with the EU is a deliberate propaganda lie. Dutch man van Buerden and the others like BP's Dudley, an American citizen will repeat this PR lie ad nauseam.

Shell is not a British company, it is 60% Dutch owned!

The head of BP, Bob Dudley an American was peddling the same lie yesterday. Asked about the possibility of a BREXIT he replied "Sitting back, looking at the role of Europe and Britain I 'd find it highly unlikely." Note again the use of Europe not EU. Note also the clear news management of the issue on the stay in side which is coordinating the multinationals in this area.

BP, Shell , Vodafone and all the other stay in lot are not British companies. They are world wide trading companies who transact the great majority of their business outside the UK. Their interests are not therefore the same as the interests of us the UK citizens who live and die in the UK and whose assets are all in the UK. The reason they want us in the EU has nothing to do with our welfare. They want access for their lobbyists to the corrupt EU to promote their companies non UK interests. Its a clear misrepresentation of their real and venal interests. It looks like a put up job from the pro EU pressure group Business for Britain which would be more truthfully entitled business for the EU! There is another EU lobbyist frequently on the Beeb called Roland Rudd obviously an error for Roland Rat the TV personality.

The difference between real British business and multinationals is articulated by Lord Bamford head of JCB who make earthmoving equipment in the UK who has said it the UK would be better off if we were not in the EU and his business woukd not be affected one iota. Lord Bamford, a UK citizen's business interests are more clearly aligned with you and I than the Dutchmand, the Yank and the Italian running the multinationals I cited.

This truth can also be seen on the stockmarket. The FTSE 100 is dominated by multinationals. The performance of the UK economy is seen in the next 250 biggest companies by market capitalisation. If you want to see how the UK economy is performing these are the companies you monitor. They have outperformed the multinationals for many years so if you are looking for an investment look at the FTSE 250, ie UK companies!

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Lots of great information to use in our fight, thank you.