Saturday, 6 June 2015

EU outers must distance themselves from Farage's UKIP cult asap

The Out referendum campaign must distance itself from Farage's UKIP cults asap. The public will not vote Out if they perceive Farage is involved. He is a serial electoral loser in UK fptp elections. UKIP only works as a harmless protest vote in the European elections where they are owned body and soul by the EU. Farage and his talentless sordid sycophants fight to take the EU's Euros for themselves not for a cause. The Referendum campaign cannot be associated with these people if it is to have any chance of success.

The best thing Farage can do for the campaign is to stay away prop up his many favoured Brussels bars with his cronies like Nuttall and let the serious boys get on with it. Any association with Farage will be the kiss of death for the Out campaign and ensure a UKIP level 12% vote.

The Cameron Tory supporting Daily Telegraph

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Farage is the second most distrusted man in British politics after the great starter of wars, Tony Blair. He is the most divisive man I have ever met. We need a leader who can unite the anti EU vote from the left, the right and centre and from all colours and creeds. Farage is a man with more negative baggage and dodgy associates than Sepp Blatter.

The Tories have a long tradition of men in grey suits who when the leader's time has come tap him on the shoulder and say its time to go old boy. Who can fulfil this role for the Out campaign? Moneybags Stuart Wheeler is my nominee. He is a decent man with no enemies and I hope he will tell Farage its time to leave.

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Anonymous said...

The so called tory Eurosceptics cannot be trusted not to be bought off,
their careers are too important to the duplicitous treacherous scum