Sunday, 7 June 2015

Heffer suggests James Dyson to lead Out campaign

Dyson whose revolutionary vacuum cleaners have shown the best of British Engineering to the world would be an excellent choice to lead the Out campaign as suggested by Simon Heffer in today's Sunday Telegraph.

Its a great idea from a very good journalist. Dyson has complained repeatedly about how EU rules and regulations are rigged to favour the German engineering industry. I have been trying to publicise this as well but Dyson was there first! Its why German industry employs an army of lobbyists in Brussels to ensure regulations favour them and also disadvantage UK engineering. Needless to say Dyson has had zero support from HMG' Europhile civil servants.

Also in today's Telegraph Business Tate & Lyle the sugar refiners have said unless Cameron secures major concessions it would do better outside the EU. Their CEO Gerald Mason has  said its production has fallen from 1.6 m tons in 2009 to 600000 tons last year as a result of changes to EU rules favouring  beet sugar grown in the EU over cane sugar grown in developing countries which Tate & Lyle refine and which faces an import tariff of £246 per tonne as a result of the CAP set up of course to protect French farming . It all goes back to Napoleon's efforts to circumvent the UK naval blockade! So the EU helps rich French farmers and penalise poor farmers in the developing world.

As a result there  is now just one sugar refining plant left in the UK. There were six when we joined the then Common Market in 1973. We may have won at Waterloo with German help but we have been big losers ever since.

For the London political elite there is a free public art gallery on the North bank of the Thames called the Tate. It was 100% paid for by Tate & Lyle along with two later galleries of modern art in Liverpool and the South bank of the Thames. So who does the London intelligensia support? Not Tate & Lyle! Sickening.

Finally I was interested that Heffer writes, "Nothing disappointed me more in the Queen's Speech than absence of a promise to repeal this profoundly anti-democratic law"  He was referring to the Fixed Term Parliament Act which he rightly describes as pernicious. Its a ticking constitutional time bomb.

On the 9th of May I wrote to Cameron with three suggestions for the Queen's speech one of which was to repeal this Fixed Term Parliament Act. I received a smug weasel words kick in to the long grass response from a Mr West in  the Cabinet Office that even Sir Humphrey would be proud of. I quote below

" The Fixed Term Parliament Act was designed,in part to promote stable government in a hung parliament and this is what it achieved. Fixed term parliaments provide a number of practical advantages to both Government and Parliament as they give greater predictability and continuity enabling long term legislative and financial planning. There is no longer constant speculation about the date of the election in the final months of the Parliament. Equally, the Act provides a mechanism for the House to use should the political parties want to have an early election"

Well turkeys that are due to be eaten won't vote for Xmas but those that will be doing the eating certainly will. How will you square that one Mr West?

For completeness the other two suggestions I made was abolish on demand postal voting as it was wide open to corruption.  Mr West says this was introduced with all party support in 2001, not excactly my recollection but he seems to imply this makes this legislation  untouchable. I replied that if experience in use shows legisation to be flawed it should be repealed.

My other suggestion which also did not find favour with Dave's man was an offer to sort out the constituency boundary review  right now using objective maths with no political input. Ah said Mr West the Electoral Commission must report by 1/10/2018 on this issue so another boot into the long grass for that one.


My wife has just pointed out that a colleague of Mr Heffer's at the Telegraph, man of the land Robin Page and all round good egg has offered to lead the Out campaign in Saturday's edition.

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