Monday, 8 June 2015

Cameron's omni shambles EU Referendum negotiations

Gideon Osborne produced an omnishambles budget in 2012. Omnishambles was a word dreamt up by Malcolm Tucker aka Alasdair Campbell in the political satire, "The Thick of It". Truth is of course stranger than fiction. Tucker's target was a junior Secretary of State but in real life we have had an omnishambles from our Chancellor of the Exchequer and now one from our Prime Minister.

Cameron's problem is he has no intention of  ever allowing the UK to leave the EU and he has told his Euro chums Juncker Merkel this and that he will 'fix' it. He took his tough stance to impress the Dr Frau but when the troops back home started to kick up being a political coward he had to backtrack and eat humble pie in front of the confused journos before they even had a chance to recover from their nights drnking. This all happened in Bavaria at Schloss Elmau. As an exercise in flexing his muscles to impress the Dr Frau it was worse than an abject failure, it made the UK look a laughing stock. Adolf used to organise things better in his nearby Wolf's lair but then he never went to Eton.

Cameron's re-negotiation always was a complete sham but now its a public omni sham. His chances of getting anything substantial from the EU was always small but after this they are non-existent. Even Ed would have done better whilst eating a bacon sanwich. Old Etonians do cock ups rather well. They have had hundreds of years of practice at it on their renowned playing fields. Cameron has made the UK a joke in the beer kellers of Munich, Brussels and Strasbourg. For you Dave ze war is over, ha ha!

Like the LibDems Cameron has been hoist on his own petard. He expected to be in coalition again with the LibDems whom he could then have blamed for vetoing the renegotiations he wanted, sob, sob. He never thought he would have had to renegotiate anything. Oh dear he has to take the rap now or as is the Etonian way find another whipping boy.

It is now clear the UK establishment, Roland Rat et al, will be working overtime to scare the electorate to vote IN or like Cameron's cabinet face losing their jobs. The referendum will be rigged and fixed like Wislon's 1975 one. The only difference was Wilson was a very clever man who knew how to fix things whilst Cameron thinks he is clever but of course Boris is the only brain in the Tories and they are not going to ask him what to do unless things are looking really bad. Then like the three Scottish Referendum amigos they will wheel out Boris to muddy the waters and make impossible promises that they can then like Clegg disown.

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