Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Farage is yesterday's man

I well remember old Sausages Gill ex Tory MP telling me at my first NEC meeting that Farage was UKIP's best asset. I did not agree with Sausages then and time has only served to confirm  my views. The best asset for our leave the EU campaign is the arrogant political elite that rules the EU. This has generated strong anti-EU nationalist parties in France, Greece, Spain, Finland, Italy, Hungary etc. Farage to the best of my knowledge has played no part in the anti-EU  movement in any of these countries. The common factor is the EU elites arrogance. That is why UKIP is where it is in the UK, nothing to do with Farage. Its down to the EU pure and simple.

Farage is an increasing liability for UKIP. As several journos have remarked the more the electorate see of Farage the less they like him. The electorate still likes what UKIP stands for but this will erode the longer Farage remains leader. Hence UKIP win Thanet council but Farage failed to win the Thanet Westminster seat. It was the same in the Europeans with people voting for UKIP.

The game is now Dave's blatantly rigged referendum and that will need a whole new approach from clever talented people with Farage and his associates ditched and airbrushed out of the campaign.

The first battle will be to display how the referendum vote is being rigged by Cameron. Brits don't like cheating especially from the Bullingdon boys. So its appeals to the Electoral Commission, court cases accusations of  politicisation of the Civil Service etc but it sure is not going to be easy.

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